Vendetta - Biography




Vendetta was formed in early 2006 by guitarist Edward Box. An instrumentalist of considerable repute, Ed wanted to broaden his musical base and return to the roots of his obsession - traditional metal.

Guitarist Pete Thompson and bass player Gary Foalle were swiftly recruited and, in the absence of a permanent drummer, Ed called in the services of longtime Box stalwart Mick Robson to temporarily complete the lineup. Not for this band the endless grind of low key gigs, experience had taught them that this was not necessarily the best plan of attack. The mission was set - to make an album of classic metal anthems, one that would capture the essence of the music that had driven these men since their youths in the rain swept hills of Cumbria and the industrial wastes of the North East of England.

Vendetta have produced a self financed debut album of timeless quality, one that reflects not only the world in which we live, but is testament to the power of musical faith. With the album complete the search was on for a permanent drummer and with Lee Lamb recruited to the ranks, Vendetta are now able to unleash themselves on the live circuit and bring their metal to the masses.

The sound of the pounding drums of Lamb, the driving bass of Foalle, the dual riffing and six string attack of Thompson and Box. It can mean only one thing - Vendetta are on the warpath, hell bent on staking their claim in the pantheon of Metal. You're either for or against them, there's no inbetween.