Deranged - Biography



Deranged, one of the few Swedish death metal bands that came out during the early nineties, that have done their own kind of no remorse showing, intense and truly brutal death metal. No matter what other bands around were and are doing, you can be sure that Deranged will always deliver the most brutal and violent death metal man can create!

Deranged have been around since 1991 and quickly after the formation of the band, they recorded and released their only official demo tape, the four song "...The Confessions of a Necrophile" which gave them a 7" single deal with the Japanese label Obliteration Records. The name of the now sold out 7" single was "...The Confessions Continues" which certainly gave the band a name in the worldwide death metal underground scene where the band is mostly seen.

Deranged were now busy writing new material for their first mini CD "Architects of Perversions" which was released by Repulse Records from Spain, and basically just once again helped the band to keep spreading the name all around the world as being one of the most brutal acts the scene had to offer.

The year is now 1994 and exactly one year after the recording sessions of their first 7" single they hooked up with the German label M.M.I. Records which released their follow up to the "Architects of Perversions" MCD, the two song 7" single "Upon the Medical Slab" which once again proved that Deranged was a band that would never sell out to the mainstream.

Deranged were now supposed to do their second mini CD, the four song "Sculpture of the Dead" which was said to be released on Invasion Records from Germany. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond the band's acts that never happened and it didn't see the light of day 'til October 1995, then as a bonus disc to the first 2000 copies of the band's full length disc "Rated-X" (Repulse Records).

"Rated-X" received surprisingly good response and Rikard Wermén (drums) once said in an interview: "I never thought that 'Rated-X' would receive such great response as it did, having in mind all black metal and melodic stuff going on today... 'Rated-X' isn't especially 'melodic' nor 'evil'. Ha ha ha..." The band now shot their first video clip that was aired numerous times on MTV/Into the Pit, Z-TV, Viva TV... you name it!

The year is now 1997 and the band once again enter the studio after some intense touring all over Europe along with a few changes in the line-up to record their highly requested second CD "High On Blood" which received even better response than "Rated-X". Deranged did around 45-50 shows all around Europe in 1998 and they will for sure break that this year along with the release of their third full length disc "III" which is said to be released in October '99. It's said to be the most brutal, sickest, most extreme and intense death metal album ever released. Deranged also recently signed a deal with Listenable Records so now they're really ready to spread the violent reeking death metal so many people once again urge for.

Deranged has now in 1999 received an almost 'cult'-like status among the worldwide death metal scene as being one of the most, if not the most brutal and intense death metal band man has ever experienced. The kind of band that might destroy themselves but they'll never sell out!


Disbanded in March 2008. More info here.