Afgrund - Biography



Afgrund is a grindcore band started in 2006 by Andreas Baier, Olle Ferner and Patrick Howe in Sweden. Immediately after forming they recorded the 5 track demo CD Hjärtslag och Djupa Andetag (Heartbeats and Deep Breaths). Just before the 'Grind Tour de Pologne VI' in Poland, Olle quit the band and was replaced by finnish drummer Panu Posti. In the spring of 2007 the band released their debut album Svarta Dagar (Black Days) and a split CD with Relevant Few, both on the Polish label Lifestage Productions. In the fall, Enrico Marchiori, an Italian friend of the band, joined as bass player and Patrick started playing as second guitarist. The band went for the "Grind Galore" European tour with Squash Bowels. In the spring of 2008 they re-released Svarta Dagar with the American label Emetic Records. An American tour with Skarp and Phobia took place in May of 2008; after that, Afgrund decided to move on without Patrick. In the summer, they performed at a few festivals and played a few gigs in Europe; in September, the "Black Days" UK tour with Ablach. In the fall, the band signed with the American Willowtip Records: their second album,Vid Helvetets Grindar(At the Gates of Hell) will be out in the beginning of 2009.