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Nagelfar - Biography




The history surrounding the German band is rather vague, although it's clear that they were founded in 1993 by only remaining members Zorn (guitars) and Alexander von Meilenwald (drums). It took until 1995 to get a stable line-up, by addition of Sveinn on bass and Jander on vocals. Together they recorded 2 demos and a split EP, as well as the 2 full length albums 'Hünengrab im Herbst' and 'Strontgorrth', on the now defunct Kettenhund Records. With the release of 'Strontgorrth' they also lost Sveinn and Jander. Soon Zingultus was found for vocal duties, but it took longer to find a Bass Player. On the 2001 album 'Virus West', the Bass was played by Zorn and Alex. To date, this release is the last by Nagelfar. In April 2002 the band called it quits when Zorn announced that he lacked energy and motivation to continue Nagelfar. As he and Meilenwald (the founding members) were always in agreement that Nagelfar would only exist if both of them were active the band was consequently put to an end.