Lurker Of Chalice - Biography




Lurker Of Chalice is a one man, black metal/experimental, band based in San Francisco, CA. A formation date is unknown, but the first demo surfaced in 2001. The person behind Lurker Of Chalice is Wrest who is also Leviathan and part of the the USBM 'all-star' band, Twilight. Wrest was a drummer with the rock/instrumental band, Gift Horse, before his foray into black metal.

Lurker Of Chalice's sound is a hybrid between neo-folk, not unlike Death In June, and the black metal style of Leviathan shrouded in bleak, dark atmospheres.

To date, Lurker Of Chalice has released one album: Lurker Of Chalice, which was released first by Total Holocaust in 2005 limited to 1000 copies on CD only. Later, Southern Lord released a domestic version of the CD with alternate artwork, hand numbered and limited to 777 copies. They also released a 2xLP of the album which contained the bonus track "Wail", which was limited to the vinyl release only.

Wrest has stated in previous interviews that there are four unreleased Lurker Of Chalice albums. Only two demo's however are known to exist. Both demo's share the same name, Lurker Of Chalice, yet one was released in 2001 and another in 2002. The former contained seven unnamed tracks while the latter contained 11 named tracks.