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Country: USA
Label: Profound Lore Records

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Formed in: 1998
Split: 2008-2011

1998- Ambient black metal
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1998-  Wrest - all instruments, vocals


1998 Three [Demo] 7
1998 Time End [Demo] 6
2000 Seven & Slaveship [Demo] 5
2000 Shadows Of No Light [Demo] 7
2000 Video Brolo [Demo] 7
2000 MisanthropicNecroBlasphemy [Demo] 5
2000 V [Demo] 7
2001 Intolerance [Demo] 7
2001 Nine (Inclement Derision) [Demo] 6
2001 Sacrifice Love At The Altar Of War [Compilation] 8
2001 Ten [Demo] 8
2001 Howl Mockery At The Cross [Demo] 8
2002 The 10th Sub Level Of Suicide [Demo] 9
2002 White Devil, Black Metal [Demo] 7.3
2002 XV [Demo] 6
2002 Verräter [Compilation] 8
2005 Demos Two Thousand [Compilation] 7
2005 Howl Mockery At The Cross [Compilation] 8.2
2015 My War [Single]
2017 The First Sublevel Of Suicide [Demo] 7.4
2018 Unfailing Fall Into Naught [Compilation] 9

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Any devout follower of black metal should know the name of Leviathan, a project that has helped to give America a significant presence in the genre's international scene time and time again. After a four year absence, and dealing with a few of life's many curveballs, Jeff Whitehead is back on the music scene, assaulting our eardrums with a new album from his twisted offspring. Beware: things are about to get ominous, and there's no playing it safe here.   Review by Apothecary ››
Well, i don't need to say too much about Wrest, Leviathan, his one-man project, is well-known in the underground circles of the black metal scene for some time now and "The Tenth Sub-Level Of Suicide" and "Tentacles Of Whorror"...   Review by KwonVerge ››

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