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Runic was born in Castellón (Spain) in 2001. Some people have defined the style of the band as melodic and epic Death Metal; others as Viking Metal, and the rest say that Runic plays Pagan Metal. It really doesn't matter, because Runic considers its sound as a mixture of these three varieties: The band has a strong admiration for ancestral cultures, they think in Paganism as a need of freedom in a christian society, and finally, their influences come from melodic Death Metal (among others ...).

To date Runic has released only one recording called "Awaiting the Sound of the Unavoidable". This CD consists of six tracks, five of them composed by Runic, and the last one, "The Search", which is a metal adaptation of the soundtrack movie "Conan the Barbarian", by "the master" Basil Poledouris. This song is a little tribute to this genius and his supreme composition. The CD was recorded in Rocketes studios with the sound engineer Alberto Sales (also Templario's guitarist) in the middle of 2000. This CD was well received by critics appearing in several magazines both nationally and internationally. This recording was promoted by "Indar Productions".

Massacre Records will release the new and second CD of the band. This recording will be called "Liar Flags", and it has been recently finished in Rocketes Studios. It will consist of nine tracks, in which the band continues the way started by "Awaiting the Sound of the Unavoidable", but trying new patterns, sounds and instruments. In this last recording there are collaborations such as Fran (Templario's voice and bass) who plays flutes, pipe and many ancient instruments such as "Zanfoña", included in the track six ("Predecessor"), Pascual Gimeno (some orchestral arrangements), Cuco with percussion instrument, Ana (chorus arrangements). These contributions help the band to recreate some atmospheres within their compositions.
Following the release of the new CD "Liar Flags" Runic will try their best to tour Europe in spring 2006.
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