Noctiferia - Biography





It's amazing considering what 5 long years can bring for a band that comes from the end of the world, for whom many predicted non-future and no success. Originating from Ljubljana, Slovenia in the early ninetees, the line up for their debut demo album "Baptis at Savica fall" (1998) had not gone trough major change in Noctiferia. Before long time vocalist David was replaced, a concrete line up went on to record a string of uncompromising releases. 2 live radio sessions were released, as well as live tape "Carnage in elysium" were released in limited editions and were sold out at the shows shortly after it's release. Debut was promoted at many shows with Deicide, Marduk, Immortal, Impaled Nazarene, Angel Corpse, Dark Funeral...that saw them trough summer 1999. Establishing them as the east european fore-front/extreme/metal act. If we look back, Noctiferia were formed in 1994 in a geographic area not (necessarily) known for technical heavy extreme death metal. They are still the first and only of that kind because Noctiferia opted to immerse themselves in a vat of infuencess ranging from traditional heavy metal, eu + usa doom, us prog., Early eu black metal, though Nocturnus, Morbid Angel and first generation of florida death metal provided the ultimate spiritual if not obtrusive musical inspiration overall. Back in the early days, the group consisted of Igor, Uros, Rob and David. Noctiferia released their self financed debut LP "Baptism at Savica fall" on the group's own label Erotica promotions. It was a big success for self released album which got a huge international support. It was produced by Toni Jurij - long time Laibach producer and stylisticly rougher and more primitive. That one brought by 4 points out of 5 in KERRANG! mag. Personal and musical differences within the Noctiferia ranks surfaced in 2000. Igor, Uros and Rob preffered to take a group into a more heavier, more technical and doomier - based progression. Almost 18 months and a few "fill-in" singers later, Noctiferia eventually happend upon the vocal services of slovenian-bred vocalist Gianni, formely of Unborn. Noctiferia recorded the second album "Per Aspera" in march '01 and put it out trough Erotica in limited 500 copies. Searching for a label they got offers from Hammerheart, Avantgarde and some others. Becouse of looking for fans beside buisinessman they didn't sign with any of the labels. They kept on promoting the name and playing clubs supporting any place possible. In march 2002 they toured Spain and Italy with Malevolent Creation, Kataklysm and Catastrophic and got the offer from Malevolent Creation guitarist Phil Fasciana to sign for Arctic Music Group. Noctiferia choosed to go worldwide with Arctic for "Per Aspera" and another 3 records due to their longtime involvment in the metal scene and understanding for survival in it. What we predict for "Per Aspera" is a strong and fresh extreme metal based on heavy, death metal and Noctiferia is a hardworking band. Mussicaly well trained and has all of the responsability for representing technical extreme metal. Latest Noctiferia album entitled Slovenska Morbida was released on March the 6th 06!