Morian - Biography



Morian was founded in the year 2002 by guitarist/songwriter Sami Niittykoski, and after a few demos, gigs and some line-up changes the band made its first four-song promotional cd "Firewalkers".

After the release, Morian decided to put the songs of "Firewalkers" on their webpage as a free downloadable release, and what was the result?

All hell broke loose.

Morian's melodic rock spiced up with dynamic metal parts soon began to receive widespread acclaim on the Internet, resulting to thousands of visitors and countless downloads from all over the world.

The title song "Firewalkers" was one of the most requested songs on a Canadian radiostation for three months, and ever on spread the word about these crazy Finnish rockers and their killer tunes.

Since then, Morian has been spawning fans from Southern Europe to USA and Japan, among many other countries - but something was still missing: a professional distributing channel.

Then, in Summer 2006, the Big Bomb was dropped:

Morian signed a recording deal with Dynamic Arts Records.

The first fruit of this unholy alliance, debut single "Away From The Sun", was released March 7 2007, going straight to the spot #2 on Finland's official single chart!

Along with the single was released a music video of the title track: Directed by Markus Rask, "Away From The Sun" tells a poignant story of an elderly homeless man reflecting the events and mistakes of his past life.

Morian's debut album "Sentinels Of The Sun" was released May 16, 2007, and has already received rave reviews all around the world. Prepare yourself for a journey through the fire - The Sentinels Of The Sun are here!