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Xysma - Biography




Xysma was a Finnish cult band (originally named Repulse) that was actually started as a grindcore band pretty much cloning the style that early Carcass and Napalm Death were playing. This resulted in being the first grindcore band ever to emerge from Finland, releasing the widely circulated demo Swarming of the Maggots, as well as two EPs - Above The Mind of Morbidity and Fata Morgana. But soon they got fed up with this style and changed into something that's more death metal with the first two albums with Sabbath influences, creating a kind of psychedelic vibe of death 'n' roll (Yeah and First & Magical). Evolving further they became more of a hard rock band with Helmet influences (Deluxe), into retro rock (Lotto) and finally into pop rock (Girl on the Beach) before dissolving in 1998, with a few occasional gigs being played, but no talk of a reunion.

In 2004, Spikefarm Records (a sub-label of Spinefarm Records) released an eponymous 2004 compilation featuring the band's demo, first two EPs and first two studio albums. On July 7, 2006 guitarist Toni Stranius died of a heart attack in Ireland, where he lived. A memorial gig in his honor was held on 15 September 2006 in Bar Päiväkoti, Turku. All of Stranius' bands (including Disgrace, Xysma and Finnish rock band Kalsaripaita) played at the occasion, reuniting Xysma just for this special event.