Methedras - Biography



Methedras is a killing Thrash/Death metal machine formed in 1996 by Massi D. (rhythm guitar, presently substituted by Pacio B.) and Andrea B. (bass). The balanced mix of these two different styles would become the prototype of the rare and deepest component of the Methedras sound.

In the beginning the band attended several live shows to test the audience with covers of Slayer, Testament, Megadeth and Metallica being performed, all names that heavily influenced the band. Also performed were the first versions of their own proprietary songs.

After the bass player's decision to abandon vocals, several singers were unsuccessfully tested. But with the incoming of Claude F. (vocals) in 1997, Methedras finally started to consolidate their ideas. 2000 was the start of the most important and productive period to date. It started when the line-up was modified again with the insertion of Carlo R. as new drummer (presently substituted by Greg F.), and Eros M. (rhythm & lead guitar). As result an EP (Cost of Life) and a couple of demos were released between 1999 and 2001.

Those first works demonstrated a heavy roughness of the sound, a recording that came across as undefined and dirty, but was nonetheless the beginning of a songwriting growth path which saw the band insert unusual patterns and sounds proper of other genres, notably Death, emphasizing their incisiveness and impact, peculiar characteristics expressed during the live performances.