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Funerarium - Biography




Funerarium started to make music in the year 2000 under the name "Uther Pendragon". At this moment the members were M.S. (Drum computer) und DeRais (Bass, Guitar). In February 2001 the first Demo "Songs of Battle" (instrumental) was released. The second demo should be released at the end of the year 2002, again with a drum machine . This release was canceled (recorded but never released) because "Necroshadow" (drums) entered the band in winter 2002-2003, so the band decided that "Necroshadow" do the drum parts.

In June 2003 the band started to record the first demo under the name Funerarium. At the same time, lead-guitarist A.W. "Caacrinolaas" entered the band and started to working out the second guitar line. Basser M.S. failed recording his bass line and left the band. Consequently "DeRais" has to take over the bass. After a long time of experimentation, most of the recording were finished. In December 2004 "De Rais" finally recorded the voice-line and mixed the tracks in January 2005. After this recording session, "Caacrinolaas" left the band.

January 2005 the first Demotape (limited to 100 copies) called "Demo 2005" was released by Funerarium. At the end of 2005 Funerarium was signed by the german label "Undercover Records" for two releases. "Valley of Darkness" was the first output released via Undercover Records in March 2006. The songs on this CD are taken from the demotape "Demo 2005".

Our second Full-lenght release called "Nocthule" was recorded between November 2006 and January 2007. De Rais played all guitars, bass and the vocals, Necroshadow played the drums. Mixing was done by Funerarium from January until March 2007, the Mastering was done by A.o.D. at the Temple of Disharmony in April 2007. The german label Undercover-records will release "Nocthule" probably in September 2007.