Wisdom - Biography




Wisdom was formed in the fall of 2001 with the goal of bringing back the good old days when a rock-concert was looked forward to as a real big experience, and the outlook and the attitude of the musicians and the music they played was intended to impress the audience.

Our music (wisdommetal) is composed of the elements of heavy/power metal, in which it is next to impossible to come up with something brand new, but it is still possible to create something superb. This is our basic conception and principle we follow and try to stick to. We pay great attention to write meaningful and thoughtful lyrics. The whole conception of Wisdom is based upon our drive to share wisdom with our audience through our music.

In March 2002 we made the first steps on the bumpy road the lay ahead of us when three of our songs were studio-recorded for promotional purposes. In 2003 we were honoured with the opportunity to give a concert before Iron Maiden. We have also been given the chance to share the stage with several other foreign bands later on; among them were U.D.O., Saxon, Doro, and Dionysus. We have also played during several Motorcycle festivals thanks to an agreement with Wild magazine.

In June 2004, as an attachment of Hammer World Magazine, an EP that contained four of our songs, the music video of Strain of Madness and some multimedia material was published. This event made the name Wisdom well-known countrywide. The live presentation of these songs was held on July 7, 2004 during a concert in which we participated as one of the guest bands of the legendary Europe.

Having completed our first music-video Strain of Madness, we manufactured the second one, which is based on the song Unholy Ghost. Although the LP, on which the second music-video was intended to appear, was still under production, the video itself has often been broadcasted by mainstream media. It has often been broadcasted also by Viva TV in daytime hours. We participated in all the significant music festivals of 2005, and have also been the regular participants of the Pallai festivals.

We held our first independent concert in the Wigwam Rock Club on November 19, 2005. This spectacular show was named Keep Wiseman Alive and was attended by a lot more people than we had previously expected and we have got a lot of positive feedback.

The year 2006 started off with a great experience: we played as the guest band of Helloween. The poll of the February issue of Hammer World magazine made us the Trust of the Year; furthermore, the readers placed us on their list of their favourite ten bands. We were also awarded with the great honour of being the winners of Viva TV's Megawatt Live 2006 Trust of the Year category by the viewers' votes. This has lead to being invited to participate in several concerts and festivals. During this time we were working on our long-promised first LP, the Words of Wisdom which finally hit the stores on 6 November 2006.

The competitions of Words of Wisdom took place in the famous Finnvox studio in Finland.

(source: http://www.wisdom.hu/)