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Dark-dynamic intensity - Dornenreich's music sets free that kind of intensity, which one normally experiences within dreams only. With the fantastic third album "Her von welken Nächten", Dornenreich's popularity rose drastically, two live tours followed with more than 50 concerts in whole Europe and they gained an incredible fanbase so that they archieved position number #1 in the readers´ charts of Germany leading dark-music magazine Legacy.
Nearly five years after the release of "Her von welken Nächten", Dornenreich released their long-announced new album "Hexenwind" on November 18th, 2005. A mystical deepening of "Her von welken Nächten" and the track "Reime faucht der Märchensarg."
Initially planned as an archaic and raw essay on the nightside of Nature, "Hexenwind" has undergone countless changes in the course of the years. The intensity so characteristic of Dornenreich has been preserved, but the musical direction has changed a lot.
Of course, Dornenreich remain firmly rooted in their very own world of enchanted and dream-like sounds. Their new approach is a different one, though. While "Her von welken Nächten" was tempestuous, harrowing, and eternally young, "Hexenwind" is mature, wise, and equable. Starting from a base that has consciously been kept simple, the new tracks invite their listeners to join in a melancholic and sometimes even hypnotic journey.
Never have Dornenreich's music and lyrics corresponded better than on "Hexenwind", resulting in an extremely imaginative treatment of the album's message. The key to this message is fantasy. "To us, 'Hexenwind' is about an archaic and vital condition -- a coming to yourself and an opening of yourself", Evíga tells us.
As we see it, 'Hexenwind' is a metaphor for a special consciousness, for just like the wind -- an invisible reality in constant change and only being noticeable by its effects on the environment -- human ideas, emotions, dreams, and wishes remain unseen at first, yet they constitute an important pillar of our deeds within which they materialize -- and they should be free like the wind...
The figure of the witch to us is the personification of fantasy in all its polarities. For as the word 'witch' conjures images of evil-minded creatures from fairy-tales and dreams as well as of people in tune with the wisdom of Nature, so our human capacities of fantasy and imagination can be equally devouring and nourishing, destructive and creative.
"'Hexenwind' has many different messages. In keeping with the album's subjects, we would like to invite each listener to find his or her own inspired access to 'Hexenwind.'"