Queiron - Biography



Queiron was formed in 1995 with the purpose to execute the brutal death metal. The band started the activities with Marcelo Brutallik Grous ( guitars/vochaos), Marcelo Moretti (bass) and Oscar M.Vision( drums).

On September/96 the band entered in studio to record the first Demo called "Crosses That Migrate To Hell". After that, the band made several shows in Brazil divulgating this work.

On June 98 was the time of "Blessed By Brutality Of Evil", the second demo-tape. That work had a better reception, consequence from respect the band acquired by the passing years and by the dedication to the underground scene.

After that release, the band was invited to part take in compilation called " winds of a new millennium III, with the song "Blind Devouts", whose obtained a great prominence around several bands from brazilian scene. Mutilation invited Queiron to integrate an split-cd with Mental Horror, called Immortal Blood Of Victory.

Little time after from releasing of spli-cd, the band suffered the first loose.Marcelo Moretti leaves the band, and to complete the front, Tiago Furlan was summoned. Not much later, the drummer Oscar M.Vision leaves the band as well, and Daniel Toledo ( ex-Cursed Celebration, Sanatório ) was summoned to complete the front. Almost one year later, during hard alterations, the band signed an contract with Mutilation Records to release the first full length Opus.

Before the records of full-length, the band returned to the studio to record the song called Heritage Of War, who made part in compilation Brazilian Mayhemic Legions, released by Mutilation records as well. It has participation from bands Headhunter D.C., Abhorrence, Holder, Krisiun, Corpse Grinder and others.

On 2000 the band started the records from Impious Domination, the first full-length Opus. That Opus brought 8 songs from purest hate in music form, being recognized by the technical, fast and originality, sealing Queiron at the underground scene in the world. After several divulgation shows, and an good reception, the band decide summoning one more guitarist, Andre Neil, whose after 2 years in the band, decided left the band, without an detailed meaning. Back as power trio, Marcelo Brutallik Grous, Tiago Furlan and Daniel Toledo starting from intense manner working in the new songs to the second Opus.

Recorded between September/October 2003, Templars Beholding Failures was released on 2004, still by Mutilation Records. It brought to the world 10 songs which simply consecrated Queiron. It was an work that offered several opportunities to the band. Queiron has made important shows to the Templar Beholding Failures divulgation, always having a great reception. After 2 years from that releasing, Andre Neil returned to the band. The band has already been making new songs to the 3º Opus, when Daniel Toledo leaves the band for own reasons.

After some months searching for the new drummer, Oscar M.Vision returned to the band. Since that happening, the band started the work to the new Opus. In the beginning 2007, the band signed an contract with the American label called Butchered Records, and on November 2007 started the records. In the middle of records, Andre Neil was threw out from the band.
in 2008, the band establishes the formation with Marcelo Brutallik Grous (guitars and vochaos), Tiago Furlan (bass) and Oscar M.Vision (drums) and Ricardo Pestiferus Grous (guitar).

(source: http://www.myspace.com/queiron)