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2005 "The Beginning"
The Viking metal band VARG was founded in 2005 by Freki (guitars), his first companions were Nivel (bass), Fenrier (drums), Frost (vocals) and Da'ath (Guitars) (listed in chronological order). The first live appearance of the band was held at the Lindenhof Ketschenbach, Managarm (bass) and Hati (guitars) later on received the bond with the Wolves, and organized the concert with her own band.

2006 "Before The Storm"
Managarm played two gigs as a live bassist. Geri replaced Nivel on bass. Their demo, Donareiche. was recorded by Freki (guitars), Fenrier (drums), Frost (vocals) and Geri (bass), and was available for free download on their official site. Among many positive reactions to the demo, they also had Ingo Tauer sing this song later as a guest vocalist on their debut album and some live shows. Skoll (bass) joined as new bassist, while Geri (guitar) moved from bass to guitar.

2007 "There Is A Time Of The Wolf"
The band was the first band to sign record deal with the label Heidenklangwerke. Geri (guitars) replaced Frost on vocals. In February, the band made their first tour of Germany and the Netherlands with Nomans Land (RU) and Thrudvangar. On the highway to Holland a horse ran in front of the car and their vehicle was totally damaged, luckily the band survived with a few scratches, the concert club was reached just in time. In March, the first album Wolfszeit was recorded with Freki (guitars), Fenrier (drums), Geri (guitars, vocals), Skoll (bass). Organized by Freki (guitars) Wolfszeit Festival in the first round. Freki (guitars) got into a serious accident and was forced to play the first three gigs (still on crutches on the way) sitting on a bar stool.

2008 "Schildfront"
Geri (vocals, guitars) and Skoll (bass) left the band. Managarm (bass) and Hati (guitars), who were good friends with the band for many years, replaced the two permanently. Draugr (vocals) was hired to fill the vocalist role. The band released a split album with the band Minas Morgul via Twilight Distribution. Schildfront was recorded by Freki (guitars), Fenrier (drums), Managarm (bass) and Hati (guitars), Draugr (vocals).

2009 "Good Things Come"
Draugr (vocals) left the band and was replaced for the rest of the live performances of the year by fellow Minas Morgul singer Rico. Freki (guitars) decided to become guitarist/vocalist for tours and an intensive search for a new guitarist began. VARG signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast Records, but they separated shortly afterwards because the two clashed and neither side would compromise. Freki (vocals, guitars), Managarm (bass, backing vocals), Fenrier (drums) and Hati (Guitars) recorded the album Blutaar at the legendary Stage One Studio and thus began the foundation for future collaboration with producer Andy Classen (Apokalyptische Reiter, Legion Of The Damned, Belphegor) down. Convinced of the new album's potential the band had great courage and even greater will, because despite vehement criticism and attack from all sides they signed a record deal with NoiseArt Records/Rock The Nation for several albums. Skalli (guitars) replaced Freki on guitar for live performances.

2010 "Many Enemies Much Honor"
Absurd photos, internet warriors, the great scandal shortly before the album release. The end? Not at all! Blutaar (14/15 points in Legacy Magazine) was published and landed at # 1 on the EMP Webcharts and also # 1 on the Amazon Death/Black Metal charts. The Paganfest Europe tour led VARG within 24 days through DE, AT, CH, NL, FR, BE, SK, IT, UK with sold out venues and up to 2,200 guests in the evening. The band played 14 of the most important metal festivals in Europe, including Wacken, Party San, Metal Camp and Metalfest. Together with producer Andy Classen the band included Freki (vocals, guitars), Managarm (bass, backing vocals), Fenrier (drums), Hati (Guitars ) and Skalli (Guitars) and their new album titled Wolfskult was recorded at the Stage One Studio. The first headline tour of the Wolves took off on a bloody trail through Europe.

2011 "The Wolf Is A Cult"
The third album by VARG titled Wolfskult was released on and marketed by Noise Art Records and lands at # 33 on the official German album charts. In addition to some national and international festival appearances and headlining shows, the band goes on two European tours, the Paganfest and the ball Neckbreakers. The Official Fan Club Varg Wolfe Horde was founded and the VARG shop opened its doors to the ever-growing following.

2012 "Good Day, We Are Varg"
VARG played in a spring co-headlining tour with sold out clubs and freezing rain and then after a few festival shows pulled into the studio to record the new album Guten Tag. Production was handled by long-time friend and technical adviser of the band André Hofmann for the first time. It was mastered by award winning gold and platinum producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat). With the Polish Grupa 13 (Behemoth, Ensiferum, Eluveitie) the Wolves recorded two music videos for the new album and also published the Legacy EP with a circulation of over 30,000 copies. The Legacy Magazine celebrates the album as "the Pagan Metal Album of the Year" with full 15/15 points, while many other of the "taboo" about the genre's borders come across not quite digested. Guten Tag lands at # 25 on the official German album Charts, # 45 of the Austrian album charts and therefore strengthens the place of the band at the top of their genre. The promotional tour for the new album lead VARG through 17 cities in Europe and then 21 cities in America and Canada.

2013 "Home On The Stages Of The World"
VARG confirm alongside headlining and co-headlining shows and festival appearances at some of the biggest metal open air events in Europe. The band is also working on material for their next album.

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