WarCry - Biography



That was the year when the idea of recording an album with the songs that Víctor García and Alberto Ardines were composing in their spare time was born. They took that decision knowing that those songs were not going to have the opportunity to be a part of any Avalanch album, the band where they were working in that moment as singer and drummer respectively.

The recording was done by themselves, although they had the colaboration in the guitar solos of Fernando Mon and Pablo García, two prestigious guitar players in the region, and friends of Víctor and Alberto.


In March of 2002 the album is recorded. In this year, Avalanch let Alberto and Víctor know that "the band doesn´t count with them", and this is what makes them take the decision of making an own band. So we have Víctor García on vocals, Pablo García (Relative Silence) and Fernando Mon on guitars, Alvaro Jardón (Darna) on the bass, and Alberto Ardines on the drums.

Pablo and Alvaro leave their respective bands to be an entire part of WarCry, and finally, in August 2002, Manuel Ramil joins the band to be the keyboard player.

Víctor and Alberto continue working in the composition and arrangements of a new album, with the colaboration of the rest of the members as soon as they are joining the band.

In December of 2003, "El Sello de los Tiempos" is released, which is their first album as a band. They also make their first ever live appearance, in a Presentation Party in Avilés (Asturias) and days later as a guest artist in the Metal Christmas Festival (Madrid).


During the first months of 2003, the band is getting its machinery ready for the next tour, which will begin the 7 of March officially, and will finish the 12 of December in their natal land, Asturias. During this year, WarCry played and rocked the whole Spanish territory, obtaining new fans in every single concert, and having a great acceptance by the audience.

In the middle of this year, the band is ready to begin the conception of what is going to be their third album, "Alea Jacta Est", with the musical contributions and the participation at the composition level of the whole band, and with the idea of releasing it in 2004.

At the end of this year, after the band´s last tour concert, Alvaro Jardón takes the decision of leaving the band. His work on WarCry will always be a part of the history of the band, and he will always have the friendship of all his partners.


The 2nd of January, "Alea Jacta Est" strikes the stores, and WarCry are ready to present their brand new album through the whole Spanish country again in their new tour, and the same day the band makes the official presentation of Roberto García as their new bass player. During 7 months they cross Spain with the new tour, and at the end of the year, they finish the recording of the new album "¿Dónde Está La Luz?", which is released the 1st of January of 2005.

Taken from the official website.