Krallice - Biography




Known as one of the most respected virtuosic guitar wizards today, Mick Barr has displayed his polarizing guitar histrionics in such bizarre outfits as Ocrilim and Orthrelm, pretty much bending and stretching the rules of modern - day guitar playing and giving a new meaning to progressive guitar playing. Colin Marston also has quite the pedigree backing his repertoire. With the likes of such bands as Behold… The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Byla etc. Marston has proven to be one of the most prolific and recognized musicians in technical/extreme progressive metal (especially since he is known to brand that menacing 12-string Warr Guitar).

Krallice nonetheless has been something that has been luring within the psyche of Barr (who also portrays the vocal offerings in Krallice) and Marston for quite some time. Pretty much also known as being disciples of true and real black metal, Krallice would inevitably become more of a reality for Barr and Marston; something for them to fulfill their black metal spirit and also come to a realization of where their other calling lies. Also Krallice at the same time provides a vehicle for Barr to actually play and record in an actual band setting of sorts (which is very rare these days) and Marston to play in a band that actually has vocals and lyrical content (which is also very rare these days).

With their debut self-titled album, Krallice employ the musical landscape familiar with Barr and Marston's musical repertoire, but this time translate it in a visceral tremolo layered black metal vision that will easily triumph as one of the most recognized black metal albums to be released in 2008.

Comprised of six epic time-stretching hymns, the Krallice debut is a vitriolic, hypnotizing elongated black metal pillage that brings such musical aesthetics reminiscent of the likes of early Buzrum, Ulver's "Nattens Madrigal" album, Gorgoroth ("Antichrist" in particular), and U.S. black metal legends Weakling, all mixed within Barr and Marston's black metal vision; one like no other within the realm of U.S. black metal.

Nonetheless, Krallice seem to be poised to penetrate and carve their own bloody niche within U.S. black metal and also plan on playing live, on occasion…