Brutality - Biography


Appeared in "Screams Of Anguish" and "When The Sky Turns Black".

Appeared in the "Dimension Demented" demo and "Hell On Earth" EP.


Brutality was formed by Jeff Acres in 1986. After 2 years they released their first demo "Brutality" which got lots of reviews in underground fanzines, and put the BRUTALITY name out in the scene. After playing many shows with bands such as Nasty Savage, Obituary and Nocturnus they released their second demo, 1990's "Dimension Demented". Later that year the band signed a deal to release 3 songs from that demo on a 7" EP for Gore/Nuclear Blast Records called "Hell on Earth". 1991 saw the release of their "Metamorphosis" demo. The band signed a deal with Wild Rags Records to release the demo as a cassette EP with worldwide distribution.

The following year, 1992 was a turning point for the band. The band had some lineup changes, which made them heavier than ever. After playing shows with Deicide, Massacre and Macabre to name a few, the band went into the studio to record a new demo just for labels. Many labels were interested in the new songs and the band signed a 7-record deal with Nuclear Blast Records. They first released 2 songs from the demo on a 7" EP called "Sadistic" and 1 song ("Cryptorium") on the Death Is Just the Beginning II LP.

1993 saw the first BRUTALITY album being released, 'Screams of Anguish'. The album did well and the band went on tour in Europe with Hypocrisy to support it. The band recorded their next album 'When the Sky Turns Black' in 1994 and toured with Bolt Thrower and Cemetery in Europe. Their third album 'In Mourning' was recorded in 1996 and the band broke up shortly afterwards.

BRUTALITY got back together in 2003 and recorded a 3 song demo. The band thought the songs were sub-par and never released the demo, although some copies made it to the underground via bootleg. The band once again called it quits.

In 2008 they were asked to do a European tour for the re-releases of all three BRUTALITY albums (each release with a bonus track). The band were getting things going and things were looking good, but personal problems within brought a halt to their future plans.

Mid 2012 BRUTALITY reformed and has plans to invade a venue near you in the near future.

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