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Welicoruss - Biography





Snow-covered expanses of Siberia together with enchanting voices of the winds and magical attraction of the moon make one feel of estrangement and loneliness, and incredible images of Russian land's past and present appear in their arms: something that have happened, but no one knows about it, what lies beyond and things, we're doing every hour with our own hands. But the fanciful tracery of hopes and desires is alive and draws in air, the heart is burning and trembling at the thought about the single Way, leading to eternity, to come forth. A glance from the bottom of subconsciousness, a glance from your animal essence at future superessence - striking comparison of incongruous. Interaction with mystical power of winter elements and primordial Nature let you penetrate into ancient time and feel the subtle thread of how our forefathers understood the world around them, gave an opportunity to create the supreme beauty, trying to pass on their delight, veneration for Greatness of Russian Land.

All this, interweaving, creates the music of Welicoruss. An attempt to embrace the unembraceable, to be conscious of unconscious, to jump in nowhere. Abstract and, at the same time, clear thought have already appeared in 2002 when the ideological leader and inspirer of the band, Alexei, started creating a musical canvas of the future group out of separate pieces of sound. At that time he never thought, the project could be more than one-man band, but something guided him to create and experiment. This word definitely shows all that was presented on the first demo "Wintermoon Symphony" 2002.

Combination of black metal and pagan transformed smoothly into electronic music, dark ambient and experimental electro. All was muddled but, nevertheless, atmospheric.
Time goes by and it became clear that the conception of Winter Symphony presented in the first demo is not exposed enough, thus, Alexei decided to rewrite the album. The result was the second "Wintermoon Symphony" 2004 demo. The conception was put into better shape, new compositions were added and the sound was changed as well.
Afterwards, one composition was presented on "Siberian xXx-Treme II" compilation.

In the process of creative search and thoughts Alexei tended to the making of full-fledged band that was realized later. The work with musicians began since the end of 2005, when PauLAriC and SAD joined the group. The staff has changed twice over a short period of time, but by the end of 2007 it became stable: Welicoruss - conception, guitar, vocal, Elias - drums, PauLAriC - keyboard, vocal, DarkLight - guitar, Dizharmony - bass.

With this staff the full-format conceptual album "Wintermoon Symphony" was recorded at Megaton Studio, Welicoruss HomeStudio and Elias Homestudio. The compositions have undergone some changes, got new sound. This time, the main idea was fully and finally realized.

The first video of the group "Slavonic Power" was issued in April, 2007.

"Apeiron" is the composition, presented on "Siberian Death Metal" compilation and "Mermaid" can be listened on "Agharta. Young Siberian Rock" compilation.
During 2006-2008 the band has played over 20 gigs in their home city and in the nearby ones. On the 3rd of March the group successfully presented all compositions from "Wintermoon Symphony" album at the first solo-concert. The "Blizzard" video was presented there as well.

In the summer of 2008 band took part in international metal fest MetalHeads' Mission 2008 in Crimes (Ukraine) with Moonspell, Gorgoroth, Cynic and Samael. In july of the same year band gave concert in "Tochka" (Moscow).

In 27th of October Russian major metal label CD-MAXIMUM released the first albom of WELICORUSS called "WinterMoon Symphony" in Russia.
In 15th of December band began to record the second album "Apeiron".