Infer - Biography

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The beginnings of the band called INFER go back to the year 2002 when Peter - guitars - vocal and Robert - drums - decided to stop their music activities in the death metal band Nomenmortis... They compose songs together with guitarist Martin and bassguitarist Rastislav ex-Phantasma for their first CD. INFER begins to hold concerts and the band gains place on the music scene, all the bandmembers compose music for the debut CD... INFER do not follow the path of melodic or keyboard blackmetal, they avoid trends and their first CD called "In cold being" came out in 2005 at KRV records - Martin Belobrad. This kind of brutal black metal gains quickly fans and the CD meets with a positive response.

The first CD is followed by a first change of bandmembers when Martin and Rastislav leave INFER. The band gets a new guitarist Frenky and bassguitarist Richard ex-Phantasma. New ideas come with these new people and the band makes a step ahead and prepares new material and holds concerts. It's Frenky who leaves INFER after a short period and he is replaced by Rudolf ex-Phantasma. INFER is finishing music for the next album. Music style is in spirit of death/black metal and the band enters recording studio. However, recording is not according to imagination and finishing of material takes a long time. In spring 2008 the band finally holds awaited album in hands and signs cooperation deal with METALSWAMP records. INFER is at present again on stages to give support to the new album called ANTI-HUMAN!