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The fall of the world is inevitable, but in the vortex of demolishing and raging beauty, the chaos will re-embody into a new serene illusion.

DOMINIA band was formed (as Tentamentum) in Russian city Saint-Petersburg in February 1999 by vocalist and composer Anton Rosa and guitarist Denis Sukharev (Daniel).

Initially, the band professed typical for that time, black-death metal, but in September 2001 as the composer, violinist and keyboard player Dmitriy Rishko (Casper) joined the band, Tentamentum changed it's name and genre. Since then, the hearts of musicians, listening to the melodies of their dark, sick and romantic souls, tormented by succession of multiple incarnations, began to create a completely different music.

After the death of drummer Egor Zhibinov in April 2003, Oleg Filistrovich (Papa) joined the band and stays as DOMINIA's permanent drummer till these days. DOMINIA went on playing gothic and melancholic metal, but over the time the compositions became an interlacement of velocity and viscosity, heaviness and lightness, love and hate, sadness and sorrow, birth and death. DOMINIA has found its' own sound. The concept was worked out by brothers Anton Rosa and Oleg Rosa, Casper and Daniel. All the strength and health of musicians was put into their creativity.

In 2005 DOMINIA was noticed by a prominent Russian manager Konsta Byleev and well-known Finnish music figure Atte Bloom, and in summer 2005 at Tonebox studio in Oulu (Finland), the band recorded their first single Runaway \ Simple Thing. Today DOMINIA has two albums - Divine Revolution (2006) and Judgement of Tormented Souls (2009), published by Finnish label UHO Production and recorded in Finland, at Sound Supreme studio by Janne Saksa. The first music video for the song "Behind the Universe" shot by Denis Vinogradov, increased DOMINIA popularity through TV and internet. In 2009, the young Finnish director Karoliina Kangas made an epic video for the song "Mountains Of God's Depression". Now the band has got dozens of songs, and is at a very high professional level.

As for the sound of studio work, at live performances, the listener always feels the uniqueness of DOMINIA. In Russia, the band is recognized as one of the most promising in its genre, it is often called the country's best metal-formation. At home and abroad, DOMINIA has many devoted fans. Leading newspapers and Internet portals rate albums with the highest marks. DOMINIA gives concerts both in the native state, and beyond, speaking on equal terms with many influential European bands such as Kypck, Apocalyptica, Anathema, Tiamat, Dreamtale, Lake Of Tears, To/Die/For, Pain.

In 2010 the bass player Alexander Goodwin left the band, having made an essential contribution to DOMINIA development. His place took their original bassist Ilya Kononov (Indub, ex-Pin), reviving the bands' primary spirit. Now DOMINIA works on in it's "golden" membership: Anton Rosa (vocal), Casper (violin, keyboards), Daniel (guitar), Pin (bass) and Papa (drums). These days together with their sound-producer Denis Devichenskiy, the highly experienced professional and musician, the band is preparing for recording their third full-length album Theophania, which is up to become a new landmark in their creativity.

As a snake dropping the old skin and obtaining a new one, DOMINIA appears in an updated form. But it's gist stays unchangeable.