Aeveron - Biography




In March of 2002, six musicians formed together and created a band later named Aeveron. The group initially consisted of Thomas Berthel (vocals), Kay (lead guitar), Robert (rhythm guitar), Markus (keyboards), Dirk (bass) and Paul (drums).

In June 2003, Aeveron recorded and released their first demo CD (self-produced), Demo 2003, which led to the band touring across eastern parts of Germany. The following year (also in June) the band started recording their first full-length album, Construality, which was released on October 30 of the same year through Northern Silence Productions. Original member and rhythm guitarist Robert left the band in 2005, citing personal reasons.

The band then worked on their following EP The Ancient Realm in October of 2005.

In January 2006, Aeveron participated in the countrywide Metalius Band Contest, defeating 79 other bands to claim 1st prize on February 15, 2006; however, the band was subsequently misled regarding the prize package and were unable to attend Dong Open Air in July. In April the band announced the membership of Matthias after several attempts to locate a competent rhythm guitarist to replace former member Robert. On December 25 the band finally released The Ancient Realm through CastaMere Records without a deal.

Aeveron separated with Kay due to "personal misunderstandings" in July of 2007. Recording of the band's second full-length album Existential Dead End began in February 2008, which was released in October of the same year through Battlegod Productions. Aeveron also welcomed Alex as lead guitarist during the release.