Angantyr - Biography

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Angantyr started as a synth/ambient project in 1997. It quickly developed into a raw blackmetal band, and in 1998 the first demotape "Endeløs" was recorded. "Endeløs" contains 5 tracks of ear-mutilating black metal. The debut CD "Kampen Fortsætter" was recorded in the year 2000. The sound has improved, and the first song ever recorded "Stilhedens Larm" is included, along with a re-recording of "Da frostvind blæste" from the first demo. In 2001 the second demotape "Nordens Stolte Krigere" was recorded in a shed in the forest of Egebæksvang. This tape was made as a dedication to the Swedish band Domgård, who was imprisoned for their honorable deeds.

In October 2002 the CD "Sejr" was recorded, and supposed to be released on "Inner Evil Productions" in 2003. After I sent the Master-CD and artwork, I never heard from them again. I then made a deal with Danish "BBSA" to release "Sejr" in 1000 copies in July 2004. "Sejr" brings you 8 songs of harsh yet melodic Blackmetal, which includes 2 previously unreleased songs originally recorded in 1999, but re-recorded for the "Sejr" album "Kampen Fortsætter" has been re-released on pro-CD with new cover-layout in January 2004 by Total Holocaust Records. Northern Silence Productions has released the demos on 2x10 vinyl with a gatefold cover.

In december 2005 3 live members were found and 3 concerts were played in September 2006 while material for the album "Hævn" was written. "Hævn" was released in april 2007 by Det Germanske Folket, and 5 concerts was played in 2007. Northern Silence Productions released the Angantyr/Nasheim split album in September 2007. The new live lineup was presented at a special appearance in Grosserlach, Germany 12.09.09. However, since then the live line-up has been dissolved and it has been announced that the band will no longer perform live shows while releasing one more album on Northern Silence Productions, "Svig".

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