Irminsul - Biography





In October 2005 four lost souls named Robin, Guzten, Jonas and Josef crawled out from under a rock and decided to start a band together. Robin and Guzten were already creating music in a two-man project and it was at this time the song "Svikaren" which later was recorded and appeared on their first demo "Vinterskalder" was written.

Irminsul had at this time their rehearsal local and headquarter in a sommerhut that also has the function of being Robins home. Josef (guitar) played with the band for about six month before he left due to time issues and the band became a trio. Irminsul kept on struggeling and released two demos "Vinterskalder" and "Urberg" before they signed a three album record deal with Det Germanske Folket.

The band soon discovered that their music could not be performed live until they found some more member, so a lot of different musicians (guitarists, violinists, keyboardists) was tried out but none of these gentlemens and ladies really fitted with the band. But around midsummer 2007 the guitarist and Italian guy Giulio "Julle" Laurenzi joined the band and soon he became a steady member.

Irminsuls music is often discribed as Folk/Pagan metal and are filled with melodies and an epic feeling. All their lyrics is written in Swedish and the theme is in general about Scandinavian history and culture.