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As one of the front runners in the Florida extreme metal scene, international artists, Monstrosity began their course in late 1990. With the infamous "Horror Infinity" demo, the band was signed to Nuclear Blast Records. The first effort was to be called "Imperial Doom" and is now considered a metal classic. The album went on to sell 50,000 worldwide and received excellent ratings in the world press.

A triumphant tour of Europe was accomplished by traveling to Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Germany. While in Germany the group shot a video clip for the song "Final Cremation" and was later released on a video compilation "Death is the Beginning" by Nuclear Blast Records, Germany. Upon the release of "Imperial Doom" in the States, the album rose to #25 on the US CMJ college radio charts and to #21 in Sales.

With the second release, "Millennium", the band signed with Conquest Music in the US and left Nuclear Blast because of a contract dispute. Monstrosity showcased stronger playing techniques with more focused arrangements with their second album. The album release was launched with the "Extremities Tour", a seven week tour of North America. The editor of Metal Maniacs Magazine selected "Millennium" number one on his play list and the album placed #19 on the CMJ college radio charts and stayed in the top 20 for many weeks. The band then concentrated on conquering Latin America with shows in Mexico City, Lima, Peru and Bogota, Columbia. Monstrosity then followed up with a European tour taking Monstrosity to nine countries in four weeks.

In 1999, the band then recorded their third album "In Dark Purity" at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida. The album contained 14 songs, including a cover of Slayer's "Angel of Death". The European release was distributed by Sony in Germany,Switzerland and Austria and Hammerheart in the rest of Europe, as well as a Japanese version released in Japan on Avalon Records. The extremities of "Imperial Doom" and the precision accuracy of "Millennium" were combined to create what is surely a true metal masterpiece. "In Dark Purity" went to #9 on the CMJ Loudrock, US college radio charts. Monstrosity also toured in support of Dimmu Borgir and Samael in the US for six weeks and then flew to Germany to play the Fuck the Commerce Festival.

In May of 2001. Monstrosity were back offering a double dose of mayhem with a double cd entitled "Enslaving the Masses". Disc one has an array of songs remixed and remastered from their previous albums. Disc two is a monumental "Live" album. The release was followed by an 80 date tour in the U. S .and Canada. The album was released in Europe Nov 2001 on Hammerheart Records.

2002 has already taken the band to Mexico in February for a three week tour leaving nothing but chaos in their path. In March they flew to Brazil to headline a show in Sao Paulo with sold out crowds squeezing only 1,300 people into the venue and the rest were turned away at the door. In Recife, Brazil they again had a sold out crowd with 1,000 people.

With calls from the public for the album, "Millennium", Monstrosity's label has reissued the album May 7, 2002 in the US. This was the last album with vocalist, George Fisher, now with Cannibal Corpse. In support of the reissue Monstrosity has completed a 4 week US tour and is preparing for a six week onslaught of Europe in the fall.

In the January 2002 issue of Metal Maniacs, (the premiere metal magazine in the US), Monstrosity was featured with a remarkable 6 page interview. ".....1999's "In Dark Purity, a hybrid of Power Metal melodicism crossed with Slayer and early Morbid Angel. It was "In Dark Purity" that achieved the unthinkable: the expansion of Death Metal's parameters." (Rob Aloi, Metal Maniacs Magazine). An interview also appears in the April/May 2002 issue of Pit Magazine and now presently on the streets is a drum feature in the new issue of Pit Magazine of drummer, Lee Harrison.

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