Crehated - Biography




Crehated is a thrash metal band from Italy born in 2005, formed by Alessandro Nardi (vocals, bass); Daniele Ciabocco (guitar); Daniele Antonini (guitar); and Manuel Tiberi (drums). Each member was determined to gain worldwide recognition while creating their own identity. Crehated has not experienced any line-up changes since being formed, resulting in the band members playing with more chemistry. In 2008 the band signed with SG Records, which produced their first full-length album entitled "Anthems Of Hate".

Crehated's style is based on thrash metal, enriched by growl and scream vocals, synths and strong influences of modern progressive and death metal. The band has performed a plentiful amount of live shows, as they believe live shows should be the fulcrum of their own proposal. After the release of their debut album, they hope to continue to grow more and more, bringing their music to everyone across the world.