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Conquest was formed in 1996 in Kharkov, Ukraine as a solo studio project of vocalist/guitarist W. Angel, playing classic hard-rock-influenced music similar to bands like Def Leppard. In 1997 the band's line-up was completed, and on January 7, 1998, Conquest performed their first live show. In 1998 the band performed plenty of gigs in Ukraine, among them a show with Russian heavy metal legend Aria. After a few line-up changes the band began playing more fast and aggressive music. The first album, "Endless Power", was released by Russian label Irond Records.

The band's second LP, "Frozen Sky", was released by Ukrainian indie label Musical Hall Distribution; the album retained much of the same aggressive-melodic style. Playing songs from these two albums on different stages of Ukraine and neighboring countries, Conquest became one of the more popular metal bands in Ukraine.

During the first half of 2008 the band recorded new songs and once again performed several gigs, including a show with Epidemy in Odessa. In June Conquest performed at the biggest bike show in Ukraine: The Goblin Fest, and the band eventually headlined one of the dates. In the summer of 2008 the band also took part in the international musical fest Pro-Rock, where the German band Rage played as the headliner. Afterwords, in the autumn of 2008, the band accepted the invitation to perform at two gigs of Swedish band Sabaton that were organized in Poland cities Warsaw and Krakow.

The spring of 2009 was filled with gigs and shows, the most significant of which was the Kiev gig with the band Sirenia from Norway. Conquest's next effort, entitled "Empire" was released in the autumn of 2009 on Russian independent label Metalism Records. On January 13, 2010 the band introduced their new creation, an EP entitled "Be My Light" that contains some of the songs from Conquest's next album, which is being worked on now.