Black Bomb A - Biography



"From Chaos" says one is born the order. In the case of Black Bomb A, it would seem that it is at least the unit which is born from chaos… Because whereas this group approaches its fifteen years of existence, one can only note how much its course is marked out upheavals. Changes of labels initially since they arrive to At(H)ome (distibution Wagram), which lodges already Lofofora, Mass Hysteria, Aqme or Sleeppers (no small teams !). But especially changes of personnel, since Djag (one of the two singers founders) returns in the group in 2007, after five years of absence, following the departure of Arno. In 2008, BBA is back to five, as on the first EP, and composes a fifth album which returns to "fundamentals from the group". Once again with its fetish producer Stephan Buriez, the combo returns to the unity and the motivation which made its original force. A new symbiosis which functions with full strength in this bubbling "From Chaos", where from now on the quintet returns to a style more purified and direct, while incorporating some new sonorities in it. If this record thus marks the great return of its original duet of singers Poun and Djag (and of its raucous old-school song), From Chaos, more than a return to sources, is especially an intense and visceral record, more "live and instinctive" Punk-hardcore than metal, unlike its predecessor: One Sound Bite to React (2006). It testifies again to the tenacity and the sincerity of a combo which never released its aim. After thousands of kilometers of bitumen, hectolitres of sweat, tons of decibels and clouds of scarlet dust, after hundreds of explosive and blazing concerts in France like abroad, the Black Bomb A creature is more alive, more vibrating than ever! As a lit wick, the road of the group sets out again of more beautiful, taking along with enthusiasm this new bomb ready to explode in front of an always respected public. Beware: the organized Chaos of Black Bomb A arrives in a furious avalanche of waves under pressure… Appointment in the pit!