Trifixion - Biography




Formed in September 2009, Trifixion came together and started blasting out crushing riffs and brutal noise with a technical edge and thus it begun.

Jamie, Fed and Ben had played together for several years and Gez had just filled in as a session vocalist for them on the Doomsday-X Tour with Malevolent Creation and Vomitory, afterwards they asked him to join their new band on vocals. They went on to play venues up and down the UK as Gez was living in Leeds and the rest of the band living in London and Guilford. Over the period of 12 months a full albums worth of material was ready to go into recording and the band traveled to Rome to record at 16th Cellar Studio with Stefano Morabito. The album A Utopia For The Damned is a concept of the awareness of the planet as a whole and what we have done to ourselves in the name of religion, profit, politics and control. And when we finally destroy ourselves with it, what will come next.