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Ramesses - Biography




Bristling with malevolence, Ramesses' crushing grooves induce a hypnotick lethargy: weighed down, beleaguered and enveloped by doom. While the percussion/guitar/bass/vokills set to work on your viscera, your head is forcibly plunged down the rabbit hole and drenched in heavy psychedelia.

Spawned in the bleak woodland of Dorset, England, this three-piece has been disfiguring the innards of its army of devoted listeners since 2003 when original Electric Wizard drummer Mark Greening and guitarist Tim Bagshaw hooked up with Adam Richardson (bass + vox), formerly of Lord Of Putrefaction, Spirmyard, and Hexed. In the intervening years, Ramesses have ripped an incurable wound in the metal scene.

August 2003: within 24 hours of being holed up at London's Fortress Studios, the band had recorded 4 tracks. Limited demo versions of "Ramesses II" and "Master Your Demons" were pressed on CD and vinyl in Europe and the USA. Promo videos were also produced, with the short for "Ramesses II" getting multiple airplays on MTV Brasil and featuring in the Doomed Nation DVD magazine.

Legendary producer Billy Anderson re-mixed all four tracks for Ramesses' acclaimed debut EP We Will Lead You To Glorious Times, released on This Dark Reign Records in January 2005. On the back of this, the band toured, casting a shadow across the UK and Europe and so mustering a legion of dedicated fans through their thunderous stage presence. The severity of their savagery was well documented as they received rave reviews in the major metal press as well as features in Metal Maniacs and Terrorizer. Since their inception, Ramesses have been play-listed on radio stations in over 30 countries including Total Rock, KNAC and Resonance FM.

Halloween 2004: the band entered State of Art studios in Bristol and teamed up with Billy Anderson again to lay down The Tomb EP, which was released in August 2005 on Geoff Barrow's (of Portishead) label Invada.

In 2006, following an appearance with Julian Cope (Lord Yatesbury) in Bournemouth, the Ramesses behemoth lumbered around the UK to complete a critically acclaimed headline tour with support from Sourvein, leaving a trail of hollow cadavers in their wake.

In 2007, Ramesses were honoured to represent the UK, by covering Eyehategod's "Lack Of Almost Everything", for a tribute CD release on Emetic Records.

Their debut album Misanthropic Alchemy, recorded with Billy Anderson at the mixing desk, dropped later in the year in Europe via FETO Records, a UK label owned by Mick Kenney (Mistress, Anaal Nathrakh) and Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Lock Up, [band]Brujeria[/band9). A limited edition double DLP of the album is to be released in March 2009 on the upcoming Spanish label Mantricum Records.

Take The Curse, Ramesses' second album, is scheduled for release in the first semester of 2009 plus a very exclusive 3 inch CD to be released by the band themselves, entitled Baptism Of The Walking Dead. The EP will contain 3 tracks from Take The Curse, but presented with alternative mixes. All 3 releases will feature exclusive artwork from Jake and Dinos Chapman's stunning masterpiece Fucking Hell.

Mournful harmonies are the nihilistic backdrop to the ever-increasing influence of The Occult on Ramesses' twisted menagerie of animalistic odes. Although a riff tsunami remains the centrepiece, the sound is refracted through even more circles of hell - of dirgesludge, of rhythm, of Lucifer himself. While the new album invokes a familiar sensation on the sides of the head - that of warm blood streaming from the ears - it takes the pummelling to new depths of doomic cruelty - and of new progressive and experimental sounds.

Huge and disturbing arrangements backed with sickening beats and haunting tones mark the new Ramesses sound. Stunning grim melodies, and blistering spaced out guitar solos, together with multiple vokill styles add massive depth and dynamics to the opening flower of death that is Take The Curse. The Ram Family are now displaying more of their eclectic traits and 70's influences, using more atmospheric samples whilst persisting with an unsettling soundtrack to your inevitable fate...

Dedicated fans will remember the drubbings that Ramesses visited upon them before, and will revel in Take The Curse. The release of the album will be supported by a 16-date European tour, their third, with Unearthly Trance in April 2009. To commemorate this grim occasion, Ramesses recorded a track titled "The Glorious Dead" for a limited split 10-inch with Unearthly Trance, which will be available on tour and is being released by Manchester label Future Noise Recordings.

In 2011 the band released their 3rd full-length album Possessed By The Rise Of Magick. They shortly followed it up with the studio/live EP Chrome Pineal. It featured 3 new studio tracks and 3 live tracks recorded in 2007.

In 2012 it was announced that founding member / guitarist Tim Bagshaw had left the band. Tim had moved from England to the United States and formed the sludge / doom metal band Serpentine Path with all 3 members of the band Unearthly Trance. Mike Vest of the band Bong filed in on guitar for live performances.

On January 29, 2013 on their official website the band announced a "hibernation". It had also been stated on Mark Greening's Facebook page that he had quit the band in October 2012 to rejoin a previous band, name of said band not mentioned. Adam Richardson is working on a new project entitled 11 Paranoias with Mike Vest of Bong.