Bal-Sagoth - Biography




Arising from the mist-shrouded realms of legend... the mighty BAL-SAGOTH. Supreme warriors swathed in elder sorcery, summoning power from the ethereal gleam or the horned moon, swords dripping ever crimson with the spilled blood of a thousand epic battles, BAL-SAGOTH create the ultimate in dark and symphonic extreme metal.

The BAL-SAGOTH legend was originally born as an inspired idea of vocalist/lyricist Byron. An idea to form a sublimely symphonic black/death metal band swathed in a concept of dark fantasy/science-fiction and ancient myth & legendary.

After releasing a mysteriously apocryphal demo in the deep winter of 1993, BAL-SAGOTH signed to Cacophonous and over the course of five years recorded their first trilogy of albums beginning with the legendary and terrifying dark metal masterpiece "A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria". The second chapter in the trilogy was the universally acclaimed opus "Starfire Burning Upon The ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule", a true epic of imperial orchestral darkness! The final episode in the trilogy was the incredible magnum opus known as "Battle Magic", an album hailed as an unparalleled masterwork of thundering atmospheric grandeur and searing symphonic intensity!

BAL-SAGOTH toured extensively to promote their trilogy of works, including successful European tours with the likes of Dark Funeral and Emperor, leaving a sanguineous trail of ruinous carnage behind them.

When the time came to seek a bigger label, BAL-SAGOTH chose the only one worthy to aid them in their continued quest for domination of the world, Nuclear Blast. The fourth album was thus recorded; the stellar symphony entitled "The Power Cosmic". This opus is truly a thundering masterpiece of searing galactic grandeur and blistering astral malevolence. The most terrifying space-opera of darkest fantasy, sublime lunacy and bombastic war-metal ever heard by man!

BAL-SAGOTH transcends all boundaries, striding over the limitations of the black metal genre like a steel-thewed colossus. The mammoth BAL-SAGOTH engine Is fed with the manna of genius epic sagas of fantasy and science-fiction set against a stirring orchestral metal soundtrack; multi-faceted and exciting stories and characters given the Spark of thespian life and existing within this grandiose musical soundscape... the key to a sublime artistic odyssey to take listeners on a journey to the Infinite realms beyond.

The world of BAL-SAGOTH is a wonderful and fantastic place... a spectacular alternate world populated by warriors, wizards, monsters, cosmic beings, terrifying demons and rogue gods... a world with its own history, theology and cosmology. It is a world, which spans the vista of human experience from antediluvian times to the far future as mankind sets forth into the Galaxy.... A staggeringly epic saga encompassing countless thousands of years and culminating in man's quest to seize his destiny beyond the stars!

No other band captures the imagination like BAL-SAGOTH. No other band has carved for themselves such a unique place in the annals of musical history BAL SAGOTH reign supreme as true masters of the cosmos! All hail the Kings of True Britannic War-Metal ALL HAIL BAL-SAGOTH!