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Katalepsy - Biography




Katalepsy was born in 2003, with strong intentions to become an original and recognized band in brutal death metal world. First inspirations have come from bands like: Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Nile and Disgorge. After a few local shows in autumn 2004 they recorded first demo, called Femicide. Later, it was released on 4-way split-CD.

Through the year 2006 the band played a lot of gigs and rehearsed intensively and madesome line-up changes (new members brought even more sick influences), and that have the band very strong helped give them their own unique style. The received a lot of good responses and opinions both in local gigs around and outside Moscow.

Toward the end of 2006 Katalepsy entered Z-studio (Navahohut Sound) and started recording their debut album, Musick Brings Injuries, due to some problems though the last songs were recorded in Zvuk I Golos studio. CD was produced by Cannx and engineered by Arcady Navaho and was finally released in the beginning of 2007 through SoulFlesh Collector Records. The album is packed full of slamming brutal death metal in the vein of other legendary acts such as Devourment, Sect Of Execration, Malignancy but with its own style added in which included original grooves and rhythms; this sound became the trademark of Katalepsy. Teh debut album received many great reviews and lots of praise all over the world! After this Katalepsy played a lot of gigs, including support for legends like Suffocation in Moscow, and tours with Jig-Ai, Mucopus and many others. The band was not only playing on stage but giving a death metal show in the way it should be!

In the end of 2007 Katalepsy re-visited Z-studio (Navahohut Sound) again and recorded 4 more new songs for a 3-ways split (w/ Fleshrot & Blunt Force Trauma) entitled Triumph of Evilution. These new songs showcased a more broad development of the ideas from Musick Brings Injuries and were much more brutal, sick and perverted. Split CD was distributed by 3 labels (Grindethic Records, Pathologically Explicit Records and SoulFlesh Collector Records) in May of 2008. The band then performed 2 tours to support this new monstrous release as well as at Mountain of Death fest 2008 in Switzerland.

In 2009 Katalepsy also made a lot of appearances in European tours, a Far-east tour, a Belorussian tour and a Central-Russian tour as well performed at the biggest death metal open-air festival in Germany, Death Feast Open Air 2009

The last few years have seen Katalepsy's reputation for performing some of the sickest brutal death metal on the planet grow considerably. And after enduring a few more line-up changes the band in 2012 now consists of Igor (vocals), Dmitry (guitars), Anton (guitars), Anatoly (bass) and Evgeny (drums) and the band is now preparing to unleash it's latest opus of sick and perverse brutal death metal on the world entitled Autopsychosis in January of 2013!!!

Translated from Facebook.