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Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before...

Pathfinder was formed in 2006 by Arkadiusz E. Ruth and Karol Mania.
In Poland, where it always has been dominated by the extreme variety of metal, where Vader and Behemoth have led the world's leading black / death metal and are the most recognizable Polish bands from around the world - Pathfinder's music is something quite rare and unusual.

Element, which moves Arkadiusz E. Ruth, a soundtrack inspired by the works of many great composers of film music and computer games, coupled with the element of Karol Mania, which is without doubt the guitar virtuosity, it had to make the mixture rise thunderbolt.

Both musicians, inspired by the works of classical composers such as Wagner, Beethoven, Dvorak and Tchaikovsky decided to create something new - music that will fulfill them artistically and mentally, but also one that will trigger positive emotions, and yet allow our minds drift in another dimension, a land filled with magic, colors and mystery to what unfathomable and unexplored ...

... they decided to reveal dreams through the music.

Dreams that always leave hope of overcoming the desire to intensify the existence of gray, shaped by strength of will that may have never wake up ...

... to dream forever.

The key is the music, and a tool metal, symphony and fantasy
Lyricism is only a supplement ... a complement for those who wish to fully comply with thoughts and fantasies of the author.

In 2007, the band has been completed and began an intensive practising. Excepting Arkadiusz E. Ruth (bass) and Karol Mania (guitars) the band joined: Gunsen (guitar), Simon Kostro (vocals), Kamil Ruth (drums) and Slavomir Belak (keyboards). In 2008 the band released independently 4-tracks Demo-CD entitled "The Beginning", which collects excellent reviews around the world and makes Pathfinder hailed as the hope of symphonic metal by many critics and reviewers. Effective promotion and first contacts with the promoters have made it sold in a few thousand copies in physical form and MP3 via the Internet, which resulted in started to think about recording their debut album. The band began touring extensively, appearing at several festivals in the country and winning many Grand Prix awards, in this very important audience awards.

The success of "The Beginning" also resulted in the year 2009, a common tour with Iron Maiden's ex-vocalist Paul DiAnno and the Norwegian Thunderbolt. This tour brought, a lot of publicity for the band and caused Pathfinder became recognizable as a band touring outside Polish borders.
As a band, which had no full-length CD in those days, it can be conclude that the tour was a huge achievement for Pathfinder.
The year 2009 also brought a very promising collaboration with an experienced producer and sound engineer Mariusz Pietka from MP Studio in Czestochowa, where Pathfinder decided to work on their debut album. For production were responsible Arkadiusz E. Ruth and Karol Mania. They created specially for recordings time a choir "Moonlight", which carries the great power for the whole production.
In the recording was also attended by opera singer Agata Lejba-Migdalska, who accompanied the band from the very beginning of its existence.

(source: MySpace)