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Unlight - Biography

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.



October 1997: Unlight was formed by Blaspherion [Guitar] and Necron [Guitar]
1998: Lord Azagthot Chaoos [Bass] is leaving Unlight and Tartaros [Bass] takes his place
1998: Lord Storrmer [Drums] is leaving Unlight and Lord Grond [Drums] takes his place
1999: Release of "Des Baphomets Rückkehr" 4-Track-Demo-CD [Selfrelease]
2000: Hekate [Synth] is leaving Unlight and Lamia takes her place
2003: Release of "The Nordic Stormbringer" 6-Track-CD [Selfrelease]
2004: Lamia [Synth] is leaving Unlight and never gets replaced
2005: Release of "Inferno" 9-Track-CD [Heavy Horses Records]
2006: Release of "To Our Forefathers" Split/Picture EP with Nordafrost [Heavy Horses Records]
2007: Release of "Eldest Born Of Hell" 10-Track-CD [Heavy Horses Records]
2009: Release of "Death Consecrates With Blood" 10-Track-CD [Massacre Records]
2009: Necron [Guitar] is leaving Unlight to be able to take more care of his family
2009: Raptus [Guitar] joins the band
2010: Tartaros [Bass] is leaving Unlight because of personal reasons
2010: Long time friend and live-session bassplayer Nightbutcher joins Unlight
2010: Release of "Sulphurblooded" 10-Track-CD [Massacre Records]