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The following pages capture more than 33 years of history Törru.Torr - was named after the now closed unit of atmospheric pressure and was in 1977. Founding members were Otto and Paul Heres Kaderabek.

About 2 years later, electrified guitar and heres bass Filip Moldan (son of the first post-November the Minister for the Environment) trying to play his own big beat. Drummers within 2 years over twenty, of which deserves particular mention of Michael James.

Sometimes the early 80th has built an existing logo, created by George Mokošín Otùv classmate.

In 1981 came a second guitarist George Podzimek, which turns a year later, David Strand, which finally becomes a heavy metal band, their first public gigs in and around this time (after the model of Motorhead) provides name to Torre.
In another report, in addition Heresy and Moldan were still Bogan Chadt singer, guitarist and drummer Mirek Mach sculpting George, is the first joint Arakain playing with, and the resulting slow growth in popularity. The drum kit sits Libor Remta (later Kotvaldùv trick) and then banned Háva Milan, finally crystallized in 1985, the strongest group in chainging era.
But Chadt had to battle Moldan left music-making and Mach went - with a few songs - the Arakain where (except in the alarm shortly anabasis) today. The file is left behind quite a few private recordings, this is temporarily collapsed.

Meanwhile, Nancy Henych sure (if bedòák Arakain) got the crazy idea and bought a double bass. Together with Otto and drummer Paul Heres Lily of the Valley (and later worked in KRYPTOR) put together a club 666, which in 1984 recorded a cassette Necrofilia, which became the first ever domestic metal demos. It was a complete improvisation, especially with regard to the title track half an hour. Between 5 gouges but no songs were for war with heaven and solitude in death that was later anchored firmly in the repertoire Torre.

In autumn 1986 two dedicated Henych heres - Hawaii to black metal, so mainly Venom and Celtic Frost. In response to the situation on our dead rock scene has been established by a band name, which went in this direction (in addition to the still strong influence of the good old Black Sabbath and Motörhead, after all, need to roll).
The three first public appearance yet the same year on metal Christmas in Prague in 1910 in a ship and totally shocked. Metal fans have first chance to meet us with something so scary demonic, the music is unusually harsh and sometimes even záhrobními satanickými morbid lyrics and vocal duo Henych - Heres. The file that caused the Czech metal scene and gave a small revolution for future development.

After more action Metal 87 Brno Rondo Hall on 31 8th 1987 filming and then comes the now legendary demo Witchhammer ago, which, besides the two already mentioned cases of 666 and title megahit Witches' Hammer also includes other less famous pieces as The Exorcist, The Devil's Breath, Life or death, bad dream, or Armageddon. Thanks to active work illegally fan club (led by Marcel Novotny, who became famous as the faucet in KRYPTOR) is a small band demos and international successes such as the praises of her writing in the German Metal Hammer. From that time is available and concert footage.
In early 1988, added the case of the demo even radio Vetrniku in May comes the second time guitarist Daniel Jackal Svarc (or Fata Morgana, respectively. FAT) Henych preparing dramaturgical-called Death Metal Session, held in May and November in DKDP (later KD Vltava).

But the 30th 8th 1988 is published in a fanzine Red Communist convicting absolutely right part cult of violence and death. Why? from the pen of some of Ladislav Urban zhnuseného concert held on the 18th 8th PKO in Bratislava. Comrade author here confuses the concepts and perceptions (eg Törr also playing with Arakain) band absurdly accused of fascism and the consequences are severe - a ban on concerts and even heavy metal concerts at Barca. The numerous reactions from the fans to finally have made excuses, but set over half a year nekoncertoval. Háva the alarm goes and sits down at the drums Melmus Martin (ex-Debustrol). Bad situation lasted until March 1989, the Metalfest held in Rockfest 89 Prague Sports Hall.

In spring 1989 edition came out in Janda Rockmapa been shot in January 1988 cult cult single fire / Witches' Hammer, while a compilation of songs Rockmapa cult of fire. Gradually enriched the repertoire of songs to go back to dogs, 1 May, Anthem Vaclav Hrabynì, Fuck, fuck, fuck! or sex, alcohol, rock'n 'roll, from which most eventually appeared on a live demo Törr Gang Live '89! and VHS. The group returned the Jackal, and excellent video Witches' Hammer triumphed three times in the Triangle TV, something completely unthinkable today. Törr popularity peaked. However, in October Heres had to battle and post it to report back - except, of course retro-recording the album in 1993. His next journey is lined mainly names like KRYPTOR, Leprocide, Alkehol, Harlej and Hattrick.
In early 1990 the band filming a demo Masturbation brain, which includes the famous songs including a cover of Black Sabbath from the same legend, where he sang and Ales Brichta and which became the prototype's debut album, was shot once in the wake of the February and March.
Another important event was the April Metalmania in the Sports Hall, where in addition to Torre and Arakain variables Kreator spoke German and Polish and Protector Turbo and Hammer. The video recording of this event remain.

Plate Armageddon came out in June, basically fulfilled The hope and finally went to the extreme sales (over 60 000 copies). The band formerly known gallery bought the ossuary in Kutna Hora, where the former manager of Zelenka, bribed the local vicar, and these scenes decorated the cover artwork, posters, etc.
The album opens up a dreadful introduction Temple's death, created a guest Ota Baláź (then a member of New Rose). Then you Henych Jackal and turns in interpreting the songs. After a delicious grief is quickly returns to the dogs for the spectator applause pøeklápí incorporated in a slow, but extremely impressive contract with hell. This level was later brings about only possessed, while in other pieces, among them a few things from the first demo, attract considerable attention to the little quirks, like burping at the beginning of the song King of the plague, by saying it is shit, again sharply utnutá disco in Lady Madeline or female grunts in the failed lust. In the vast war intro title Armageddon Part I. Baláž again significantly in office, gloomy riffs are fighting on the surface, but the moment that opens up the Jackal, is flushed down the toilet.
Continuing on the label indicates an incomplete sentence referred to the plate followed by single Armageddon Part II. But in May this bugging someone deleted. At least then singles bin war with the heavens we managed to record a compilation of Death Metal Session. Meanwhile, the band strengthen guitarist Pavel Kohout, often called Mr. Monroe (ex-MORIORR).

At that time, had a set and minor conflict with the law, when the 18th show 11th 1990 five persons (including the Jackal and Melmus) at night and under the influence of alcohol partially demolished Room No. 208 Prague Hotel in Novy Jicin and caused the loss of 1 403, - crowns, which was later recovered. The district court in the same town is 31 1st 1992 found them guilty of criminal damage to property and sentenced them to punishment by a fine of 2 000, - crowns per person.

In December 1990, was filmed in the summer of 1991 released their second album Institute of clinical death, which shocked all the citizens of the rigidly clamped skin Christ hanging on the cross.
The work pursues the line, only a little more extreme. Mr. Monroe gives his vocals to a deadly morbid tinge povedeným vypalovaèkám Underground - that was the clip (in which, paradoxically, opens up Henych) by force or Kremator and slower eponymous Institute of clinical death, which begins not just tightened recitative. Jackal odchrblané contributions Fuck blood, Link beast, Lord of Dreams and the libretto of death are no worse. Henych is literally in riffovì charming and catchy at the same time a lot of vulgar bit premature burial, and pleasantly surprised by his confession of suicide, which quite peaceful semi-acoustic mood breaks into a creepy sound collage, a kind komatického unconscious.

After touring Massacre Show, which was coiled in another video, he left Monroe.
In May and June 1992 originated in the fall and released their third album. Originally had to bear the name of hunger, but in the end title song became a major rock and roll otevírák Die further. Jackal are also similar in that I go on, scary nice wedding night in a hearse, interesting engraved with the dog breath, a little less compelling pieces Dance of death or famine, and finally, chillingly delicate ballad and then zklipovaná Memories of life, which - like Several earlier cases - has its origins in the Fata Morgana. Melmus odskøehotal deathovìjší little piece Analysis of Power, while Henych can only hear the song in Melmusem kills him.
As a whole plate indicates a depletion of the existing blackmetalového inclination to write letters on a dark and raw rock and roll. However, it was obvious that the file begins with a bit of running in place and does not know which way forward.

The previous victory in the poll among bass players Black Crow '91 Henych nominated to be a successful project earthquake, the spring of 1993 a new CD and tour in the fall odjetým coverversion honored the memory of the 12th anniversary of the tragic death of singer George Schelinger.
Long Advised to return to the past was carried out in the old classic line Henych, Heres, Hawaii in March 1993 and the summer was The Hammer of Witches on the shelves. With conventional packaging and letopoètovým specifications.

This is a selection of material from 1986 to 1989 and is classified as zero-LP. Although the recording sound a little weak, and quite successfully managed to transfer her to the spirit of the 80th years. Became the basis for most of the legendary first demo, so immortal pieces as Armageddon, The Hammer of Witches, War in Heaven, The Exorcist, The Devil's breath and really wonderful creation on fragmented life and death. This course has been assigned to the fire cult and the album has only two ETERNALIZED bits were replaced by two slightly younger, where the drums Melmus which are nimble and Rock 'n' roll and shorter Fuck, fuck, fuck.
The board has shown in what was once a major force consisted hyperoblíbeného body, which is a retrospective of the time apart. Alkehol Melmus continues.
In later years have not heard much about Törr. Occasionally occurred at some kompilaèce, the reissue was released in fall 1994 Armageddon, but otherwise - where nothing, nothing here.

However, long Henych nelenošil and plotting a new culture. Sometime in 1995 came out with a completely new lineup, which featured only black pupae, as documented by the live clip of Die farther. As it turned out they were members of two Great Danes Karviná, heavy metal, guitarist and vocalist and drummer Isaiah Roman Peter Vjada.
This Cocooned three first from February about to do in April 1996 and in May released the album Morituri te salutant that many fans were shocked survivors. Many of them finally move away from black metal and recruitment to the basics hardrockovým recovered and took the record for mercy, but they began to look around the orthodox op Norwegian windswept packs.
Preliminary successful, the rhythmic clatter of the typewriter started waxworks soul still carries significant traces of past music, but dug out of the snake, white stick, stroke, Dirty Work, I never say whether the fish are properly hard, but still surprisingly melodic pieces, not to mention the muffled sound but a lot of bland ballads Tears. Trinket is certainly a cherished home, and even a clip bearing the cover of the song Morituri te salutant by Karel Kryl, which complement the other two remakes - Crazy Horses (The Osmonds), and rock and roll jam Big bonus disgust (Perkins) with a distinct role runaway piano.
The video was captured eg. Prague concert with guest Brichta and coats and performance at Atack Of Fire '96, accompanied by hundreds of bands Depresion, which included in its repertoire a cover of The Hammer of Witches.

The large Törrtourr the Slovak Republic, where the band opened for the coat was purchased numerous amount of videos that were released as the next home VHS bootleg. Bratislavksý concert was also captured on audio recording Live 96th
The same material was released in spring 1997 as an official live album. Plate with simply titled Live sounds pretty good. While not entirely perfect, but sufficiently aggressively and energetically. Pity the relatively short footage, but can be viewed positively the fact that the record was not modified, so the music reflects reality.
Home waxworks soul starts drum machine workout, complete with pigs greetings Hey Rock 'n Roll! Cauty and people!, while following the death of Solitude is a throwback to the ancient past. One well find that your girlfriend is the same cow as her mother is so cute and dug out from the snake. Schelingerovské recall the earthquake is a robber Willy. Is anyone here? What? Here is the hear shit!, Poøvává Henych, but it gradually as they play smash Die farther down, Morituri te salutant, pøedstavovaèkou is introduced by the stretching of Armageddon and The Hammer of Witches with dramatically extended the median interval. Thanks to Bratislava, I love you! In short - brief, but nice live album, which is a bonus associated with ancient cult of fire, single / Witches' Hammer.
At the end of the year was paid another historic debt, because the third part of the compilation Creations From A Morbid Society was included once loaded, but accidentally deleted, thus failing that, but at least on the cassette single surviving Armageddon / The War in Heaven.

Single Armageddon / The War in Heaven should be the second single by Torre and should build on the first album from 1990 Armageddon. The title song was recorded on the album as a whole group of forums and had a go at this version to the aforementioned, along with the hit single "War in Heaven, who has not fit the album. Unfortunately, the record in this single study of the "C" accidentally deleted and the single to come out this time. The record is not preserved on tape, so it now with hindsight, you can still hear.

Videotape Prasárny 97 summarizes all of last year, mainly biker rallies, rock menagerie in Brno, A Night Full of Stars Tøinec United Plasy Rock Block, a concert in Pilsen, and hosting the fifteenth slavícímu Arakain Lucerna of the things you Henych et al. let play a mix of songs Why Metalománie and Salt Mortale.
While the old band's hits continue to be used for compilation purposes, Henych claimed that the next record is meaningless, because the behavior of publishing companies can not buy all of her fans. Continued but continuous movie recording, especially from Tøinecké Night full of stars 1998 (here, including the legendary Motorhead set), 1999 and 2000.
In autumn 1999 came dvojdisk Gallery. This 2CD contains 4 classic albums in remastered form. Indeed, it succeeded to inflate - 1st Drive Hammer of Witches and Armageddon, to 2 Institute after clinical death and die a little further. And so, actually missing a little bit different singles and a compilation of four different versions of the same tracks present. Overwhelmingly meritorious deed by which the younger fans in particular the creation of the file being assembled.

At the end of 2000 finally came out in June-August Bottled board Vitus dance out loud. Caused a slight commotion on the cover booklet also often depicted with a symbol of crossed invalid in a wheelchair, but it is perfectly in line with many years of harsh poetry band and therefore perfectly in order.
The traditionally hard and dense guitar sound has been installed dance refreshed, but very harsh electronic elements on which worked well Pavel Holý programující (formerly Dr. Max). Of him the authorship attributed to dark country nejsyntetiètìjší item about the album, which is - as do a cover version of Mader (Dr. Feelgood) - Measures Chadimovým old text.
The album opens concert monologue "kaťáka" Olda Riha and self-centered song We, the text is the names of several major hits of the past. Raised the bar high jump playfully love to death even faster Lolita Twist, as well as right hand of the devil, however, where the mutual coupling of two musical worlds created around clearest and most sensitively. Much has succeeded and murder in South Park, just a notch which is located in the city I live and the title out loud Vitus Dance. Perhaps the final pleasantry Mirkofon that strikingly recalls some of the dialogue series Arabella (but this was not the intention ) sounds a little end in itself.
The vocals are almost equally shared with Isaiah Henych spolohou singing and both work extremely sensitive. In particular, Izzi can be somewhere else again and melodious rough, just as the song requires.
The ensemble has a lot to this hilarious album retains its perverted text face, but after some years of stagnation, has the potential to re-state the former rank in the hard direction of musical development. With metal crosses and electronically while in our country far come first, but certainly is not the most visible and nejdotaženìjší attempt. And the audience is a test of their willingness and openness of the genre.
This CD contains a CD-ROM, where you can see a lot of photos, texts, history, discography, concert sequences, and so different.
This past February, Törr completely and deservedly nominated for an APH in the genre category Hard & Heavy.

In autumn 2003 Törr issues new CD called "Made In Hell", which returned to its roots. The head thrown past experiments with electronics and exhumed cloudy blackened rock and roll.
The report again after dlouhatánských jumped from its founding Inquisitor Ota Heres a new member was drummer Radek Sweet (ex-Ferat), who replaced Mark zaskakujícího Žežulka (Arakain) and the traditional trio write a new agreement with hell. Heres songwriter duo / Henych is the industry's clearly the most capable and successful return to their original face Czech does not sound black at all archaic. The spirit of the golden era, Torre is here present in a larger degree. Excellent music drawing inspiration from the immortal classics like Venom and Motorhead is riddled povedenými texts in themselves do not deny Vlasta Henych. Vocal parts among themselves equitably divided the two brains masturbating Torre and the service addition Brno pontiff called Big Boss from Root, which greatly helped them with the "Rigor Mortis" and cover of "Sympathy For The Devil" (Rolling Stones). Another bonus is the "Made In Hell" great remake of "Countess Bathory" Venom of the workshop. The entire board blowing through like butter, and particularly the first three tricks "Made In Hell," "Some Like It Dead" and "anal alpinist" pushing like clockwork.

The band has performed very slowly and is preparing a new album which will see the light of day in 2006 under the name Törritorium.Fandové are already excited and the gentlemen of Törr can present the songs of concerts, which attaches to the issue of this title.

In 2008, the crew of the idea of shooting some concerts on both video and audio recording, so it may come at the beginning of 2010 a compilation CD / DVD Inferno Nocturne "which includes recordings of concerts in 2009 + bonus concert footage from 1989, still with Melmusem.

At the end of 2009 while assembling material for the new album is a ordinal inconsistencies between Henych and Heresy and the general stagnation of the overall file differences of opinion and the direction the band on the one hand Heres Sweet on the other hand Henych, which results in the track and the end of August 2010 Henych left the band.

Source: http://www.torr.cz/kapela/historie/