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There are very few bands with the raw talent, perseverance, and sheer balls that CRIMINAL possess. Formed in the early nineties in Santiago de Chile, the band fought an initially hostile environment to become one of the greatest South American bands ever. Within a short period of time the band was sharing the stage with some of metal's most important names, selling more records than most South American bands (and many European ones) can only dream of, and touring North and South America extensively.

However, irresponsible mismanagement by their record company of the time prevented them from making the jump to the international arena. With over 10,000 copies sold of their second album, "Dead Soul", and just back from their very first US tour, the band was unceremoniously dropped, leaving them right back where they had started.

But CRIMINAL wouldn't give up that easily and went on to record their third album "Cancer" using the basic tracks of eight songs that had been demoed for their previous label, in what seemed a very risky move. The album provoked great reactions in Europe, but the local fans turned their back on the group. The frustration, internal problems, and abuse of alcohol and other substances began taking a toll on the band.

In 2001 band leader and front man/guitarist Anton Reisenegger decided to make a radical change, relocating to the UK. Soon after arriving he was teaming up with some of the most respected musicians of the British metal scene. When guitarist Rodrigo Contreras moved to Europe to join the project, it became clear that this new band was going to be but an extension of the CRIMINAL style. Eventually they decided to keep the old name.

The music the band was creating was anything but old though, incorporating a wide array of influences to the band's in-your-face thrash. The result of this two-year period of creativity was crystalized on the "No Gods No Masters" album, a bold statement of nonconformism, with intricate song structures, layers of sound textures, and ferocious aggression.

But still something was missing. Only with the rejoining of bassist Juan "Kato" Cueto CRIMINAL regained the strength of their earlier days. The group focused on more straightforward, brutal riffs, catchy choruses and screaming leads, paired with the amazing drumming of Zac O'Neil, now the only remaining new member of the short-lived "CRIMINAL UK" line-up. The new album "Sicario" is a mix of all the aspects that had made CRIMINAL great in the past which, highlighted by the world-class production of Andy Classen, does not fail to make clear why CRIMINAL are a force to be reckoned with now, and for the future.

"Sicario" will be released on September 5th, 2005 by Metal Blade Records!

Taken from Metal Blade Records official website