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Dominanz - Biography

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Majority would agree that progress and evolution is the main life force. This could be applied to many areas. It happens that people remain bonded to the youthful ideals, while others are constantly searching for new forms of expression.
DOMINANZ - is a modern and hellishly powerful band playing atmospheric and somewhat industrialized metal.
The orchestra DOMINANZ is a successor of the project called Cult of Deception that was established in 2006 by Roy Nordaas. After a couple of years with composing Roy joined forces with Frode Gaustad former drummer in the black metal band Thy Grief, and Jørn Tunsberg guitar player in the epic black metal band Hades Almighty, and formerly in the bands Immortal and Old Funeral.
DOMINANZ plays dark, gloomy and atmosfearic metal, but at the same time trying to do it in an engaging way. There are also elements from genres such as Death and Black metal. The musical expression is a mix between the aforementioned genres, but there are also influences from the 80- Century heavy metal and 1990- and 2000 century electro.
The lyric deals with everything from depictions of erotic, male chauvinism further to social critical lyrics. The main theme is on the bleak and destructive….
Late 2010 Dominanz released "The End of All There Is". "The End Of All There Is" is the title track of DOMINANZ 's first single (also featuring the song "Infinity"), which was released on October 25. A full-length album, "As I Shine", will follow in early 2011.

(source: official Dominanz Facebook page)