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Witheria - Biography




Kusmar, Hardon and Rob Diver got tired of playing Black Metal with their previous band. They moved on writing more complex and Thrash influenced material. The first song was taking form, later named Selfhaunted.

In the spring Tuberculosis joined the fold, and the band rehearsed intensely in an old prison cell for their debut demo. The band named themselves Fallout and the first demo was recorded in June.

In February the band recorded a rehearsal tape with four new songs. Due to horrible sound quality they booked a studio to properly record the songs. The producer fucked up the tapes in the middle of the process and all was ruined. In the summer the band decided to change their name since another Fallout was found. This time it had to be original enough. Witheria was chosen.

Skeletor joined the fold making Witheria finally a full unit. Witheria recorded Demo 02 in their rehearsal place "basement" with a digital eight tracker device. This demo included material from their previous unreleased demos as well as some new tracks.

Witheria was unsatisfied with their previous sound quality. A proper studio was booked to record the highly claimed Pureditself demo. This release got some great feedback and Witheria finally played their first gig in Helsinki. In the summer the "basement" got flooded with human shit. Witheria found themselves without a rehearsal place and with some ruined equipment. Shit happens, but soon Witheria was in a new place, stronger than ever. Witheria played their second gig in November. The house was packed as always.

Witheria decided to record a professional promo in a quality studio. In April the two track promo was recorded in Seawolf studios with Jukka Varmo. The promo got very good response both from the press and fellow metalheads. Some new material was written and it seemed to be even harder and thrashier than before. Witheria decided to record the new songs in their rehearsal place with borrowed equipment. The band also strarted to do gigs more than before.

The new demo was finished in early January and Witheria did two gigs during the first month. In February Witheria booked Jive Studio for the recordings of the debut album. Numerous gigs were played during the spring. Tuberculosis joined Spirit Disease and Kusmar joined Nowen during the spring/summer. Hardon suddenly decided to leave the band due to lack of commitment. A new guitar player was found after auditioning a number of candidates. J. Warhead (ex-Sorrowed) joined the band during the intense rehearsing for the album. In August the band recorded the album Infernal Maze with Jukka Varmo. In the fall Witheria searched for the record label to release the album. Some gigs were played in Helsinki area with the new line-up.

Witheria continued playing gigs and already wrote material for the second album. The band didn't find a decent record label soon enough, so a new independent label Twisted Face was formed to release the album alonside with another debut album by Spirit Disease. In June Skeletor was released from his bass playing duties due to lack of his commitment. Witheria instantly recruited Predator to complete the line-up. Predator is a guitarist-vocalist in the band Nowen and played bass in an Iron Maiden tribute act Maiden Hell. The debut album Infernal Maze was released 08/08/2006 through Twisted Face. It has received good reviews and feedback, and is distributed by Firebox and Twisted Face in Finland. Witheria continued to write new material and playing gigs here and there. It seems the second album is being recorded in the summer of 2007.

The band played gigs around Finland and wrote material for the 2nd album Painful Escape, which was recorded in Jive Studios in 2007. Stay Heavy Records released the album in early 2009. Witheria promoted the album at the Finnish Metal Expo and played several successful gigs, including one in London, UK. Great reviews were flooding in, the material being more versatile than ever before.

Finally, in 2010 Witheria booked D-Studio and recorded Vanishing Order, their 3rd album. It's the best sounding, most complex and heaviest work the band has ever done. Witheria is now looking for a record label to release it.