Trooper - Biography



The band is formed on 25.10.1995
Between 1997 and 2000, the band organize an anual rock festival in Targoviste.
In 2001, they win 1st (In The "Heavy Metal Magazine" specialty top) on "The Best Young Band" category.
In 2002, Trooper sign a contract with "HMM Ventures", a Bucuresti label.

In October 2002, the debut album "Trooper I" is released.
Trooper gets in specialty tops : Aurelian Dinca - 1st place as "The guitarist of the year", "Trooper I" - The best album of the year, Ionut Radulescu - "Bass Guitarist of the year", Trooper - "Band Of The Year" and Alin Dinca - 2nd place as "Best lead vocalist", behind Cristi Minculescu of Iris. These results were registred in the speciality magazines "Bestial Metal" and "Heavy Metal Magazine", as well as on the site Hot Metal and More.
In 2003, the band plays among important names of international metal: Rotting Christ (Greece), Sepultura (Brazil).

The band plays at the "StufStock" concert, realized within the "Save the Vama Veche Camp" initiative, where they play in front of 30 000 people.
At the invitation of the band Iris, Trooper record 3 songs for the album "Iris 4Motion" (Nelu Dumitrescu's solo album), taking part in the tour.
Videos are made for the songs "Strigat" and "Tari ca muntii". The band appear on MTV, MCM, Atomic, TVR I, TVR II, B1 TV, Antena 1, Romania International, Prima TV, Pro TV.
In March 2004, the official site is made.
After a session in the recording studio "Diesel Bucuresti", Trooper released an EP in May 2004 . The release was promoted with a national tour, culminating at the "StufStock II" festival.

In early 2005 the album "Desant" is released, with the video single "Zorii Unei Zile Noi". The song "Doar A mea" gets the 2nd place in the RomTop made by City FM, being the most played song on that radio station.
The album "Desant" is the first Romanian album to be fully released on the internet. For the first time a Romanian album can be freely downloaded from the band's official site.
In July, Trooper plays at the humanitarian concert "Live pentru viata" (Live For Life), helping the victims of the Banat floos, among Stefan Banica Jr., Hi-Q, Nicola, Iris, Nightlosers, Vama Veche etc.
In September, Trooper celebrates 10 years of existence through an open air concert in Targoviste, having invited the bands Incognito and Iris.
In early 2006, Trooper releases "Gloria - Tribut pentru Iris", an album dedicated to the band Iris, containing some reorchestrated and rearranged. The album was appreciated by media (Heavy Metal Magazine, Maximum Rock, Jurnalul National) as well as by the band Iris.

A long national tor follows, having Trooper as headline. Trooper play as opening band for W.A.S.P.
In November 2006, the third album, named "Electric", is released and is very appreciated by critics and fans.
In late 2006 the band begins to tour to promote the album, until spring 2007.
In early 2007, a new version of the official website is launched.
In February 2007 a video is made for the song "Ratacit pe drumul vietii".
In 2007, they play along bands such as Prodigy, Sepultura, The Cult, and Rasmus

Trooper record the song "IRIS" for the Iris album "IRIS AETERNA".
A video is made for the song "Amintiri".
In october, a Box-set containing all three studio albums +1 DVD, all packed in a book containing the story of the band. The box-set is called "TROOPER 12 ANI - AMINTIRI".
In early 2008, the band starts their national tour "Trooper 12 ani - Amintiri"

Trooper play a concert in Bulgaria. The welcoming is made by the prim-minister of Bulgaria. The Trooper concert is broadcasted on the Bulgarian national television.
On 4 august 2008 Trooper were chosen to open for Iron Maiden.
In November 2008, Trooper release the album "Rock'n'Roll Pozitiv". In the rock tops of the year 2008, Trooper wins "Best Rock Band", "Best Album", "Best Release", "Best Anniversary Concert".
In February 2009, Trooper start a tour to promote the album.

Trooper concert along Nazareth and Manowar.
In october 2009, Trooper release the album "Vlad Tepes - Poemele Valahiei". The album is a rock opera, the first Romanian one since the 1989 revolution.
The release concert is filmed and is released as "15" in 2010.
In 2011, Trooper releases the album "Voodoo".
In 2013, Trooper releases the album "Atmosphera".