The Foetal Mind - Biography

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July 2007.

Lord Trowe decides to found a one-man band after a crossing in different formations.
Being addicted to music and a musician, he gives birth to a project called " The Foetal Mind ".

Inspired by some bands like Draconian , Burzum , Mayhem, Forgotten Tomb , Nortt , Agalloch ,
Dissection , Forest of Shadows and Keen of the Crow , then Lord Trowe has captured the self-essence
of its own meaning :
the primary feelings of the human being without any word to explain it…
That black Metal style, influenced by the norvegian stage, has built some heavy riffs' creation with
slow rythms, letting the listener lost at the middle of several feelings more or less violent within a
deep introspection….
It will need only a month to Lord Trowe about coming out " Depressive way of Melancholy ",
the band's first record henceforth showing a style adapted to its recognizing :
a heavy Metal, came from roots, but staying centered on a melancholy and Doom metal atmosphere.

Year of disgrace, 2008.

Lord Trowe intensifies its activities.
Progressively diving into a world from beyond the grave, Lord Trowe is growing up with the
Darkcell (Japan) collaboration, and recording a song with Hole Unveil (Middle-East).He also meets
the one who will be the singer of TFM, the upcoming Lord Dreef.

During the forth month of the year, Lord Trowe and Lord Dreef décide to work in parallel upon the
elaboration of this common project. Hammered on his war drums and rocking on in a band called Apoptosys,
he has stopped the drums so as to profit his voice's working, introducing on The Foetal Mind songs,
some dark and desperate sounds.

Concerning Music, The Foetal Mind keeps progressing.
We mainly will see that the singer's incorporation has got a strong impact on the structure of the tracks.
Those are more complicated than the " One man band ", now become a two-men band.
Basically, TFM keeps that " lead wire " , that caracteristic which has always haunted them : a certain atmosphere,
mostly dark and melancholy.
Initiated by a Lord Trowe being seething with excitement, TFM will make birth to three other tracks after
" The depressive way of melancholy(2007) :
-"Severity of Pain " (Janvier 2008)
-"A Bleeding Dream " (Mars2008)
-"True" (Avril 2008)

Fébruary 2009, a new recruit.

The Lords mate are welcoming a new member.
Lord Vaahl, the drums warrior of his state, is joining the band.

2009, the declining year.

It's on this sad April moments in 2009 that is coming out "Sombre Humanité" (2009)

Like a misfortune never swooping down , Lord Trowe décides to develop the band's concept instead of
those of a " Two man band ": Sires Leiden (subterranean rythm guitar) and Warwollfs (névrotic impulses),
find access to the brotherhood in June 2009, lively by the desire to make of The Foetal Mind a unique band.

After some crossings in several bands, like Först, Leiden décides to work in TFM.
Powerful in dull and heavy Lord Trowe riffs, an incisive inspiration supported by the bassist playing's energy
Warwollfs (Nefarius Misericordia, Run to the beers…), the new members bring a new breathe and a unique strenght
for a black Metal style whose our ears cannot ignore.

The Foetal Mind, after a hard beginning, finally find what Lord Trowe's musicians make feel :
a heavy and dark black Metal stamped with melancholy and sadness, disconcerting by riffs without any concessions.

At the twelfth months of the year, the Lords have constituated a set list especially for the stage.
Thanks to a meticulous work with Lytuvnis, a concert with Forgotten Tomb and Suicide Solution is emerging.

2010, the desolation.

The first nights of that year have frozen the blood of the band's members…

The consternation takes place in a lack of unsderstanding, as the depart from lord Dreef have managed the lords. in a different way to consider TFM: missing rehearsal places and other problems like the seeking of a singer…
And as the rain was not stopping to beat down on the brotherhood, the expected concert have been cancelled. Lord Trowe saw the end of the band…

March, same year.

After some depressive weeks, lord Trowe, supported by the overexcited Leiden and Warwollfs, decided to pull the band together. TFM is going to survive in spite of its misadventure: We do not play in The Foetal Mind, now we are TFM.

The decision to create a new album will point a page of the band story. " The Grand Contraction " will be its resurrection. Influences are coming back in the first demos (melancholy doom) and conserving a part of brutality which was typical of TFM at the end of 2009. The main charasteristics of the band will not change but new members will complete the line-up for the

Despite the band split in 2010, Lord Trowe continued to create music with Lord Vaahl and rebuilding the project once again. and releasing the album "The Grand Contraction" that same year.

In 2011, things slows down and Lord Trowe decide leave his country to travel around the world for 1 year of pure discovery. Far away from music, he kept all influences, creativity and experience, deciding then to come back and create a new album in 2012 "Earth Life Outcast".