NA- Circle Of Pain - vocals  
NA- Crown Of Thorns - vocals  
NA- Snakebite - vocals  
1983-1988 Warlock - vocals  
1988- Doro - vocals  
Guest musician:
2000 Mägo De Oz - vocals  
2002 U.D.O. - vocals  
2005 Destruction - vocals  
2006 Twisted Sister - backing vocals  
2007 After Forever - vocals  
2008 Tarja - vocals  
2011 Krypteria - vocals  
2011 Girlschool - vocals  
2014 Liv Kristine - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 03.06.1964
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Dorothee Pesch (born 3 June 1964, in Düsseldorf, Germany), popularly known as Doro Pesch or Doro, is a female vocalist, formerly of the German heavy metal band Warlock.

After Warlock went through many line-up changes, Pesch was left the only remaining original member of the band. Because of legal issues with their former management about the ownership and trademark on the Warlock name, she was compelled to release under the name Doro what would have been the fifth album of the band.

Pesch now pursues a solo career and lives in New York City. The 2004 album Classic Diamonds was a collaboration with The Classic Night Orchestra, which reworked some of her earlier songs. Her latest album is Fear No Evil, which was released in 2009.