Deliverance - Biography




Speed Metal Period
Deliverance formed in the 1985 as a speed metal outfit, where the Christian metal community first encountered them on the compilation album California Metal. They put forth their self-titled debut album Deliverance[i] in 1989 with Jimmy P Brown II (guitars and lead vocals), Glenn Rogers (lead guitar), Brian Khairullah (bass), and Chris Hyde (drums). In 1989, Deliverance's track "If You Will" from their self-title album appeared on [i]Hot Metal Summer II along with a recorded interview.

Deliverance garnered significant attention in the Christian metal community with their 1990 release Weapons Of Our Warfare[i]. During this time, the band replaced guitarist Glenn Rogers with George Ochoa. Deliverance released a video on MTV for the title track of [i]Weapons Of Our Warfare[i]. The track was also included on Intense Records compilation album [i]Hot Metal Summer III Hot Licks - Cold Facts.

During the production of their third album, What A Joke, Brian Khairullah and Chris Hyde were replaced with Mike Grato and Kevin Lee respectively. The album did not perform as well, and tensions within the band resulted in the departure of George Ochoa.

Style Change
Their fourth album was a major change in direction for the band musically. Stay Of Execution went in a more progressive metal direction, complete with new guitarist Mike Phillips.
Deliverance released River Disturbance in 1994 and Camelot in Smithereens in 1995. Camelot was the poorest seller in the Deliverance catalog at the time.

Into a New Millennium
Deliverance disappeared until 2001, when they released their next studio album Assimilation. Assimilation represented another change in style. Deliverance again retreated until 2006.

In 2006 Deliverance reformed with a lineup of Jimmy P. Brown II, Mike Phillips, Corin Jae Scott, Tim Kronyak, and Mike Reed. The band's then released As Above - So Below was released on April 24, 2007. Full length songs from the album can currently be heard on the band's official MySpace page. The album featured a mix of all their past material (musically) with some more modern metal elements.

Deliverance announced they will be releasing a new album sometime in 2010 called The Annals Of Subterfuge. This will mark Deliverance's 25th Anniversary. Though rumors persist of reuniting with past members, it appears that Jimmy will be recording the upcoming album with Mike Phillips.

Though the group officially disbanded in 1996, there have been fan demands for concert performances and new albums which caused the intermittent reunions every 4-5 years. Jimmy P. Brown II has spent the past 10 years working in the casino industry in Las Vegas, but currently resides in Alabama continuing his career with the casino industry. Jimmy has been quoted as saying: "I moved to Alabama to be close with my family, and to try regain normalcy for my family. Having lived in the fantasy land of Las Vegas for the past 10 years, I wanted to stay in the casino biz, but didn't want my kids growing up the Vegas way".