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LOST REGRETS band was founded in Minsk (Belarus) in 2006 by OSSUARY guitarists Alexey Bobrykov and Pavel Alenchyk.
At the end of 2004 after recording their first album OSSUARY disbanded and stoped its existence (the record stayed unreleased). But so has the fate: two guitarists met again and joined the forces to play their favorite heavy metal music. Thus, in 2006 (June, 2) a new band LOST REGRETS was formed. Line-up at that time was: Alexey Bobrykov - guitar, Pavel Alenchyk - guitar, Anton Matveev - bass and Nikolai Bokhan - vocals. The composition of the first songs has been started (one of them - the current Lost Nation). But at the end of 2006, Anton Matveev left the band and Nikolai Bohan became the new bass player. Microphone has been occupied by the singer Ivan Radko. At the beginning of 2007 another musician came - Marina Shapovalova who took the vacancy of the drummer. This line-up continued composition of the new songs for the debut release (some of them - the current One Should Never Stop Trying, Cocaine Neverending Season, The King Of Dream). Just six months passed since Nikolai Bokhan had joined the band and bass player place became vacant again, but haven't been so for a long time. Alexey Pankratovich joined the band soon. With the new line-up by the end of 2007 (December, 19) LOST REGRETS recorded the demo titled "One Should Never Stop Trying" (7 songs, 40 minutes). It was the self-released CD. In the same period the band played its first gig in Smorgon town (December, 1). In early 2008 the band began to compose new songs in their mother tongue (Za Rodny Kraj, Viernessia u Vosien), but these songs were recorded only in early May.
In the first half of 2008 the band gave three concerts (March, 26th - Katakomby bar-club, Minsk; April, 26th - Bikeshow in Grodno and May, 10th - Night Star Club, 1st Minsk Metal Fest).
The second part of 2008 started with the interview for Massa Brutto radioshow on May 24. Then the band was invited to play at "Chertova Dyuzhina" fest - 13 bands, Friday the 13th. The band agreed but had to refuse later due to some technical reasons.
In June 2008 the band applied for participation in Belarusian music fest "Basowiszcza-2008". Specially for this three songs in Belarusian were composed and recorded: "Za Rodny Krai", "Verneshsya U Vosen'", and "Rvecca Uraz Zhycce". The band won the Internet-polls and went to Poland without contest. But the vocalist's (Ivan Rad'ko) cold chill prevented from a decent performance at the fest.
In autumn 2008 the band started composing the new stuff for the forthcoming album, which was planned to be brought out at the end of 2009 - beginning of 2010. At the end of the year the band opened its account in the popular social network "Vkontakte".
Year 2009 was marked by several events. The new stuff was composed, the recording went on searching for the new sound. The band tuned the guitars into D-tuning, which brought about heavier sound for the new tracks. Ivan Rad'ko had left the band by that moment. His leaving was caused by the style changes. The newest stuff was much heavier. The band started playing melodic death metal with the new vocalist - Alexey Zhaburonok. On May 16, 2009 the band played at live show in Minsk club. 5 new songs were performed there.
After the vocalist's leaving the drummer Marina Shapovalova left the band. Fedor Zimin became a new drummer for Lost Regrets.
In summer 2009 Lost Regrets played at the following concert with the new drummer. The vocals for the album were being recorded actively, so by the end of summer the band uploaded 2 new songs to the Internet - "Invisible Enemies" and "Adaptation", which were well responded. By the end of 2009 the band finished recording, mixing and mastering the new album. It was entitled "Objective".
On November 29, 2009 the band uploaded the new single "The Chemical Way" to the Internet. Besides the title track it contains 2 cover-versions. The first one is Ossuary "One Against the Crowd" (Lost Regrets guitarists' previous band). The song was re-recorded for the ones who remember Ossuary and supported this band years ago. The second one is In Flames "Drenched In Fear". The single gets good references.
At the beginning of 2010 Lost Regrets has sent promo-copies of "Objective" to different European and Russian labels. At the moment the band is awaiting for their replies.
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