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Recently signed with Earache/Elitist records, metal band Biomechanical are gathering all forces to unleash their assault with their up and coming album 'The Empires of the Worlds' (out early 2005)!!!

Biomechanical got noticed after 2003 saw the release of their long awaited debut album 'Eight Moons' which has received awesome reviews from the Internet and printed press:

Metal Hammer UK: "Eight Moons is among the most far reaching records of the year"

Terrorizer: "Suspended between Nevermore and Dream Theater, Biomechanical are surely the greatest new UK band of their kind."

Kerrang: "Eight Moons' is an impressive opening shot, sounding state-of-the-art without losing sight of the undeniable pleasures of old school metal"

Total Guitar: "think back how you felt when you first heard records like British Steel or Kill'em All. It really is that good."

Internet sites have written:
"Sometimes a Surprise of The Month is not enough. It would just be too big of an understatement. Surprise of the Year would not be enough. I had never heard a single word of a band called Biomechanical in my life. Then an avid reader here at MR informed me that there's this band that I might like. And sure enough I did!!"
Metal Reviews

"Biomechanical is an awe-inspiring band to watch out for. This is metal for people who want more."
Maximum Metal

"I must have heard their debut album 'Eight Moons' dozens of times and it's still impossible for me to find ONE fucking thing that will make me describe Biomechanical as anything less than 'unbelievable' ."
Control and Resistance

Biomechanical's style that many claim to be a unique blend of traditional metal, Thrash and modern metal with a personal twist of film scoring orchestral writing, has given the band the chance make their mark in the Metal world and create musically their own space amongst other bands.

The band formed in the summer of 2001 and recorded it's first demo titled 'Distorted' which gathered great reviews from countless sites and magazines.

On Terrorizer: "Biomechanical sound like they could well become leaders and not followers in their field." (9/10 Paul Schwarz).

Same reaction was given from all the magazines and sites who reviewed 'Distorted' giving Biomechanical a great start and enabling them to negotiate with many companies who came forward for the release and their debut album. It wasn't long until Biomechanical secured a deal and Eight Moons was released by the legendary Revolver Records last October!
Since then Biomechanical have Headlined the second stage @ 'The Bloodstock' UK metalfest,
played @ the Headway Festival in the Netherlands and headlined their first UK tour in November 2003.
After many gigs and great reviews Biomechanical have established their own space in the Metal world and created enough interest to get the attention of Lee Barrett (Elitist Records) .
After negotiations all parties agreed and singed with Earache/Elitist records on September the 3rd 2004!! The band is now recording its second album 'The Empires of the Worlds' !!! (out early 2005)

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