Martyr - Biography





MARTYR's concept was officially created in 1994 by François and Daniel Mongrain. In September 1995, MARTYR released a promotional tape, OSTROGOTH.

In May 1997, MARTYR began the production of their debut album, HOPELESS HOPES.

In September 1997, a highly motivated and very talented drummer, Patrice Hamelin joined the band after François Richard's departure.

In January 2002, Pier-Luc Lampron took the decision to leave Martyr. He will put his efforts in the study of philosophy at University. His departure hit hard as he was with Martyr since nearly the beginning. We thank him for all these years with us.

A new member was recruited not so long after. Martin Carbonneau joined the band after a few jamming sessions. He made his lessons and showed he'll do the job well. In the past, Martin happened to play with Patrice's debut band.
MARTYR's first independant album project, HOPELESS HOPES, include nine original songs. It was released on November 1997. The album's concept is to serve as a mirror of the human state of mind.

Since 1998, a lot of great things happened for MARTYR, as the Milwaukee Metalfest XII and some opening acts for CRYPTOPSY, OVERKILL, BRUTAL TRUTH, NAPALM DEATH, OBLIVEON, BARF, KATAKLYSM, TODAY IS THE DAY, MACABRE, INTERNAL BLEEDING, PUNCHDRUNK (Gene Hoglan's band)...
In November 1999, Martyr recorded the WARP ZONE album at Victor Studio with producer Pierre Rémillard (ANVIL, GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY, OBLIVEON, QUO VADIS).
WARP ZONE was released in March 2000.

Features : Guest vocalist Luc Lemay from GORGUTS
Enhanced CD with extensive CD-ROM content.

The album's concept is an exploration within one's life evolution, transitions, self-questionings and reflections.
In September 1999, Daniel Mongrain also joined GORGUTS. He's performing on their new album entitled FROM WISDOM TO HATE, which will be released on March 2001 (OLYMPIC RECORDS).

In Summer 2001, Martyr recorded a live concert in Rouyn-Noranda for the production of a live album.
The live album Extracting the Core was released in September 2001 through Skyscraper Music. The cd presents 9 live songs from the two previous albums, and a multimedia presentation where one can find plenty of video samples, pictures, and audio samples taken from the previous albums.

In Fall 2002, Sekhmet Records released Warp Zone - Europe Edition

In October 2006, Galy Records released the reissues of Hopeless Hopes and Warp Zone, along with the third album Feeding the Abscess, recorded at the Wild Studio with Pierre Rémillard and mastered by Alan Douches.

Hopeless Hopes was re-mixed and re-mastered and contains four bonus tracks. All the layout was updated.
Warp Zone was re-mastered and contains four bonus tracks as well.

Feeding the Abscess contains 13 tracks full of intricacy and pure aggressiveness.


Themes like affliction, oppression, and agony had to be conveyed by a single word. With this concept in mind, the name "MARTYR" was unanimously decided upon.

MARTYR's intricate and aggressive Technical Metal style is built on complex structures which allies a multitude of emotions from many different musical approaches. The music is not limited to the conventions of traditional metal music, the band striving to push those limits to create a more open-minded concept.

MARTYR's music are reflected through lyrics which express emotions such as anguish, outrage, revolt and indignation towards humanity, and the need to improve oneself within this harsh environment. But all in all, the best way to understand this is to listen to the music... and let it drown into your soul.