Infidel - Biography

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- In the wake of 9/11, and the Taliban and Al-Qeda wars, True Unholy Death released a CD "Fuck Your God Allah" in 2002. With the departure of their original bass player,and after several attempts at replacement, Tim "Unholy" Collins and John Grden brought Rob Keller into the band and changed the name to INFIDEL. In February,2006 Infidel Released their debut CD "Killing For Immortality" On Grimnocturnal Records. The band promoted their first effort as "Uncompromising , brutal Death Metal full of rage and violence that strikes fear into the hearts of terrorists". S O D Magazine warned terrorists, "The next weapon of mass destruction in the war on terror has been unleashed, and its name is INFIDEL.
" "Bow to the East, tighten up your turban and cover your women from head to toe......... ..............nothing will save you now!"

- After the release of 'Killing For Immortality', Jason Stinebaugh joined the group, for a short time, on lead guitar. Shortly after the execution of Sadam Hussein 2007, Frank for a Cusimano on lead guitar was added to the group; the final block in the wall was completed. INFIDEL's awesome live perfomances were described as .... "a wall of sound" - 98 ROCK.

- The spring of '08 brought the surge to the Iraq/Al-Qaeda War causing Osama's followers to roll up their prayer rugs and crawl into the desert or head for the hills and the nearest cave. It was at this time INFIDEL, armed with new material drawn from past and ongoing Islamic crimes and atrocities, retreated to Ron Vento's famed 'Night Sky Studios' to record their next assault on Islamo-Fascist everywhere. ''Destruction Of Mecca'. on Butchered Records released January, 2009. "Destruction Of Mecca" to a very strong, positive fan reaction;
- In the autum of 2010 INDIDEL began working ong their third CD.

* - REMEMBER FELLOW INFIDELS !................ Do not be mislead !
- INFIDEL's music is not about hate or racism, it is about not allowing others to impose their beliefs, life styles, or values on a free people.
Our mission is to wake up those under the "warm & fuzzy" spell of political correctness; to reach out to those lost and mislead souls who listen to Hip-Hop, in the hope that some can be saved from the brain damage it causes. INFIDEL wants to educate the youth, that terrorists are ass-holes;
But these ass-holes are serious, and must be challenged and dealt with - Remember, under "sharia law" there will be no head banging..... ....................only head chopping" !

- INFIDEL says,"Let Allah Sort'em Out" - "No SURRENDER !
We'll never submit to such bull shit !

* The powers that be seem intent on kissing as much butt as possible in the direction of Mecca, while doing as little as possible to prevent the Islamification of the whole world. INFIDEL, in the spirit of free speech, encourages all to wake up and see the danger with lyrics that are like a slap in the head with a Quran and the brutal sound and furry of Death Metal, to delight and devastate metal heads everywhere.
- "Under sharia law there will be NO Head-Banging ......
......................only HEAD CHOPPING !