Lumsk - Biography





Lumsk has just finished their second full length album, "Troll". It was recorded and mixed during six weeks at the "Skansen lydstudio" in Trondheim. The band went to Stockholm in the middle of February to master the end product at the famous "Tailor Maid Studio" with Peter In De Betou , who's worked with Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved and Susperia among others.

Lumsk's debut album "Åsmund Frægdegjevar" was released by Tabu Recordings in August '03.
The response and media attention was overwhelming. Sales were better than anyone expected, and the album was soon after licensed in countries like USA/Canada/Mexico (Candlelight Records), Russia (Fono) and Brasil (Haunted Music). Since the release the band has played at large festivals like
"Sweden Rock Festival" and "The Inferno Festival".

"Troll" will in the end turn out as a massive production, where musicians from different musical backgrounds and genres get together to make an album that's guaranteed to be noticed! In addition to the band's seven members, guest performers are used frequently through the whole production. From the classical scene you have a string quartet and Andreas Elvenes on vocal (also member of "The 3rd and the Mortal"). Horn blowers from Trondheim's jazz scene contribute with trumpets and trombones. The actor Stian Hovland Pedersen (from the Theatre of Trøndelag) reads dialogs, and the all female choir "Embla" (used on a regular basis by the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, and winners of different international competitions) give their vocal inputs on several tracks.

The lyrics are written by the Norwegian writer Birger Sivertsen and his wife Kristin.
Sivertsen has written several pieces that include Norwegian mythology, and this was the main reason why the band felt that a cooperation would push the album to a level of exceptional quality on all the different levels. Sivertsen has written eight pieces based on old tales, mythological creatures and Norwegian folklore. Lumsk are looking forward to tell these stories to their audience.

The release of "Troll" is scheduled for April '05 in Norway. The release date for the rest of the world is not set yet. Lumsk are working with Radar Booking (Norway) and Extratours-Konzertbuero (Germany)
concerning jobs and festival touring after the release of the album.

The Lumsk crew took everybody by surprise when they won the By:Larm scholarship 2005 in Stavanger early in February. The price was NOK 500.000 in value, which the band can use to help promote the band and the upcoming album. According to the jury, Lumsk is one of the most promising band we have in Norway today.
Lumsk swept all doubt aside, and left the jury in a state of shock, when they went to check out the band perform live.