Tracktor Bowling - Biography

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Originally formed in 1996, TRACKTOR BOWLING came up with the new idea of style on Russian hard rock scene. After changing the musical stylistics and musicians, crossing the musical boundaries, the band finally found their own unique sound. "Blood burning" riffs and uncovered emotions, sincerity and mad energetics are tied in a flow of deep diving through sounds and thoughts, of sufferings and happiness, of love and pain, true feelings and unending fears engulfed in melody and driven guitars with female vocal... The band's first demo-record, "Mutation" / Mutatsiya (2000) and a presentation of it had a great success.

Had given several shows TRACKTOR BOWLING acquired the status of the leading band of Moscow alternative rock scene. Having full halls regularly, unit became the cult band in new musical tendencies. The debut album, "Breaking Through" / Naprolom (2002) made TRACKTOR BOWLING headliners of the largest alternative rock festivals in Russia. The next album, "The Edge" / Cherta came at the beginning of 2005, more professional, more sensual, "grown-up" with TRACKTOR BOWLING's invariable energetics and sincere lyrics. The following "The Edge Tour 2005" all over Russia was completed with great shows on Russian largest rock festivals. The band was nominated in different Russian alternative music awards in all nominations. In different years TRACKTOR BOWLING was declared as the best live show rock band in Russia. English versions of three songs confirmed the new EP Its Time To... which appeared on MySpace.Com, recognized lots of positive emotions and comments from people from all over the world.

The third album, Walking On Glass / Shagi Po Steklu appeared in May, 2006. Sixteen new tracks, half agressive, half beautiful and lyric new Molotov coctail from the band. The new sound quality (album was mixed and mastered in Finland by Mikko Herranen), the full palitra of music colors, deep and razing guitar voices, powerful drums and beautiful lead vocals only few words about new album. In support of the new album TRACKTOR BOWLING went on "Walking On Glass Tour 2006". The band had played the greatest number of gigs that Russian alternative bands ever had.

Many new TRACKTOR BOWLING fan clubs have appeared all over Russia and other countries of CIS. Also on November, 18th, 2006 the band has won in the main nomination of Russian Alternative Music Prize and has been called the Best Alternative Band of 2005-2006. In December of 2006 TRACKTOR BOWLING has presented their new acoustic show. It was the first music experience of that kind for the band and fans were very impressed with melodic and lyrical atmosphere of songs they used to hear on band's live rock shows. It became the reason the band decided to record the acoustic album called "Half A Year Till The Spring" (Polgoda Do Vesny) which consists of new songs and some old hits of TRACKTOR BOWLING. At the moment TRACKTOR BOWLING is going to work on new videos and begins to create their new rock songs for the new album which the band is planning to release next spring.