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The relentless, Swedish beast known as Portrait spawned in the year 2006 with the intention to bring back the dark energy that was once the cornerstone in many a classic metal release. Having taken the underground by storm, the band signed to the small labels Iron Kodex and High-Roller Records and released a celebrated debut album in 2008. The album received rave reviews in magazines like Terrorizer (8,5/10), Rock Hard (8/10) and Sweden Rock Magazine (8/10) as well as in the underground press. The release was crowned by two European tours and several appearances at well-known festivals like Keep it True, Sweden Rock, Headbangers Open Air, Hole in the Sky, Hell's Pleasure, Up the Hammers and Muskelrock.
In 2010, Portrait signed a multi-album deal with Metal Blade Records, and will now unleash its second opus upon the world.